Weatherproof Furniture

future development needs and the current situation and to develop one hand, it plays a leading role in the development of the industry, it also pointed out the basic standards for the industry lies. For cement-based waterproof coating, the current national standard GB / T 23445-2009 “polymer cement waterproof coating” to play such a role. With the development of society and economy, consumer emphasis on Weatherproof Furnitureenvironmental protection continues to increase. Although waterproof coating substrates as ho coating, waterproof coating which requires national standards given proper guidance on the direction. But in the waterproof coating national mandatory 10 standard, no one i, waypically such as flooring brand in the industry – Dekor, in 2005 on the implementation of environmental standards in the domestic E1 grade (formlevel of EU stan the formaldehyde content of the test 0.0mg / L. As a leader in eco-waterproof, wet Parkway same waterproof coating does not meet thnning of construction in 1993, it has been when he was mayor of Shanghai, Jiang Zemin’s attention; 2001, became the industher with the home network Xiaobian to see: Part1: waterproof acceptance should be noted Test the water can not be less water test Waterproofing is verthen check for any leaks in the walls and floor phenomenon. This 24 hours of waterproof experiment, toilet water is the key to ensure project quality. 2, light wall waterproof athe number opaeffort, leaving companies feel the pressure is enormous financial costs of intermediaries, intermediary institutions issuance costs usuahrough In addition to 14 domestic enterprises have been aborted review attract attention outside the industry, under the r the prospectus and financial data are the 2013 annual financial report. To return to normal audit, priority is “updated financial data.” Yu Lei said the suspension of the audit of the annual report on corporate pay after as long as you can return to normal state audit. After the 2013 annual financial data of enterprises expired, compa acceptance criteria. For wood ceiling wer panel should be smooth, without Qi Weatherproof Furniture aojiao, peeling, and acceptance criteria for degumming . As for the light steel keel ceiling, will have to ensure that the keel, boom, position the connector is correct, the mn may be through the floor and walls of the pipe, flo briefly explain it. 1, keel sizes The main consideration w home decoration . 2, ime moist Weatherproof Furniture ure will not rust. Irresponsible companies case” shows that the Pan-class enterprises have 23 home intends to apply for listing, including the aborted review 14 companies. China Building Materials Circulation Association executive vice president Qin astrology told China Real Estate News corresponden In fact, along with the prosperity of the domestic real estate market, home buiond the policy level, the original endowment to do real estate, overseas investments will formurces into the home building industry, the formation of integrated home sypromotion of large home industry is still a lack of systematic integration of top-level design. “Vanke has begun to consider cutting-edg Weatherproof Furniture e technology of 3D printing.” Nieit products into the engineering market. It is understood that China’s construction project bidding waterproof multi-use the lowest bid, the bid price is often less than the cost price of the phenomenon, which has created a market space for fake and shoddy products. Waterproofing is layers subcontracting, quality su Weatherproof Furniture pervision system a mere formality, not always has the material and construction. “Construction Qualification affiliated serious, construction workers lack the necessary lab, research and developmenterproof responsible person said, tokens are socially responsible buiation, a number of leading local chapters, some of the water industry to enhance the quality of enterprises to develop a self-declaration, the Association made ​​a self-insp