Without the right to sell domestically, not only will product sales be reduced Taipei luxury hotel.

Without the right to sell domestically, not only will product sales be reduced Taipei luxury hotel, but foreign currency will also be converted into RMB to pay for labor and material costs. If it can be sold Taipei luxury hotel domestically, our company can get RMB directly after selling its products on the mainland, and we can use these RMB to pay workers’ salaries. In addition, we can bring in some parts suppliers, and the materials these suppliers sell to us Taipei luxury hotel can also be paid directly in RMB. After the domestic sales right was finalized, we settled here. Interview Group: As you mentioned, Comrade Xi Jinping helped you solve the problem of domestic sales rights at that time was the main Taipei luxury hotel factor for TPV to settle in Fuqing. Xuan Jiansheng: Yes. When our factory started construction in 1992, Secretary Xi came in person. This is how TPV started in Fuqing. Later, we brought in the CPT of Taiwan. Zhonghua Yingguan was Taipei luxury hotel also going to Xiamen. I said, “Let’s come to Fuzhou, so that you are closer to me.” I also told the secretary, “If your land is cheaper than Xiamen, Zhonghua Yingguan will It can be set here. “I also asked him, where is the better place to choose? He said that horsetail is better because it belongs to the Taipei luxury hotel import and export trade zone and it is more convenient for raw materials to come in. In this way, CPT settled in Fuzhou Horsetail. In addition, there is also a German Siemens company, because we need to match the display of Siemens’s PC, and Siemens does a good job in the mainland. It belongs to foreign-funded enterprises. At that time, imports were very expensive, and they had to pay very high tariffs every year. They also wanted to set up factories in the mainland, and I was their largest display supplier. I said, “You come to Fuqing!” The German said at the time : “You must be kidding. Are you sure?” In their view, the mainland is where shoes, clothes, and souvenirs are made. How can electronics be made? I said, “Let’s take a look.” They came over and took a look. The factory in Fuqing is very advanced, the workers are very dedicated, the management is very good, and the plant is spotless. They were surprised. Then I introduced them to Secretary Xi. After contacting them, they said that Secretary Xi was very “international”. In the end, they said, “Since you are here, we are also here.” At the time, the mainland’s policy required that the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises must have Chinese companies’ equity participation in order to establish projects. I did not expect that the secretary Xi had asked Fuzhou Electronics Group to participate in a small share, which solved the problem of project establishment. Secretary Xi also said: “General Xuan, you give us a simple guarantee. If you do n’t do this project in the future, you will have to withdraw us, return the amount of our investment, plus a little interest, so that we have an exit mechanism. “After hearing this sentence, I thought his idea was quite advanced. At that time, how could anyone think of exiting without cooperation? But the idea is actually correct. Sure enough, later Siemens sold the PC to Fujitsu, and we sold the shares of the electronics group together. Not only did it not lose a dime, it also returned the interest on the investment. https://www.sherwood.com.tw/en