A prospective bride who was about to marry eternity ring

A prospective bride who was about to marry eternity ring, after promising her boyfriend’s proposal, posted a photo of her with an engagement ring on her social network. She wanted to share her joy with everyone eternity ring, but others did not comment on the ring too much. In itself eternity ring, while discussing the fingers of the owner of the ring. The photo of the bride wearing this hand ring has been posted on social networks eternity ring, which has caused many netizens to forward and comment eternity ring, and netizens have begun to make various sounds. Some netizens said that the bride should readjust the ring eternity ring. I feel sorry for her fingers. The nails on the ring also make me feel anxious. Another netizen said, “My God, the bride should wash her nails. The nails were so dirty that I looked disgusting. Another netizen expressed a similar point of view: “Why doesn’t this woman feel that her dirty nails are very embarrassing?” “We have no reason to criticize others. As long as the bride likes the ring, that’s the most important thing. After reading the comments of the netizens, the bride’s good mood is completely destroyed, and she also begins to question herself and tells her she doesn’t want to I want this ring. No one is perfect. What we should give the bride is the blessing of the newlywed, not the bones in the egg, which will frustrate the confidence of others. She wears a diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand. She shone before. She later became a fat girl and successfully lost weight. She said that she had lost weight because of eating disorders, which made her thin to a dangerous degree. She said: “Just brush When I look fat or if someone commented that I was fat, I would stop eating. I pretended that I was exercising and eating healthy, but I didn’t eat anything. “Is the engagement ring and the wedding ring the same ring? In fact, many people are not very clear about this. There is a certain difference between the two. Although they are a type of wedding ring, they are applied to different occasions. Next. If you think you do n’t need to buy a wedding ring when you buy an engagement ring, it ’s a big mistake. Even a lot of couples have serious quarrels for this. Although the price difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring is in the form, And the style will be more creative and personalized; while wedding rings are generally simple and low-key, and wedding rings tend to be carried for a lifetime, too gorgeous styles are not conducive to daily life and housework, so the price is often lower, generally Will not exceed 10,000 yuan. The significance of the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The reason why an engagement ring is important is because it is a process in which a man asks a woman to marry him and obtains the consent of the other party.