I had eaten before Taiwan Taipei hotel

Today, I made up my mind to write a round of Guangzhou Michelin restaurant that I had eaten before Taiwan Taipei hotel. First of all, the list of Michelin in Guangzhou is indeed very wonderful. Perhaps in recent years, it has become more and more compromised to commercialization Taiwan Taipei hotel. For example, a new non-deservative table award was established. When Michelin landed in Guangzhou, he intended to show his own rigorous side. The result was too strong and too much. To know Hong Kong’s Longjingxuan, Tangge, Macau’s 8 restaurants, Shanghai’s Tangge, and Taipei’s Palace, Michelin’s five Michelin-starred Chinese restaurants are all awarded Cantonese cuisine. In Guangzhou, the base camp of Cantonese cuisine Taiwan Taipei hotel, not to mention the Samsung restaurant, even two stars are missing. The whole Guangzhou City only rated 8 Michelin stars. Not to mention Hong Kong and Macao, take the Taipei Palace as a reference, even this level can be rated Samsung Taiwan Taipei hotel, it is no wonder that the old and the dissatisfied. This time, except for Hui Shijia, I can’t make a reservation. The other 4 families are able to book a reservation one day in advance. For the grasp of Cantonese cuisine, Guangzhou people who know how to eat obviously do not need to pursue Michelin. Hui Shijia Address: No. 172, Binjiang West Road, Haizhu District Even if there is no aura of Michelin, Hui Shijia is always a guest Taiwan Taipei hotel. The first batch of the hall released 30 sets, and arrived at the store before 5 o’clock to catch the last bus. If you missed the first round Taiwan Taipei hotel, it was a long wait. Hui Shijiao and Chai Tsai are famous, but I prefer the oyster sauce, the scallions, the overnight chicken and the white squid. These three dishes, the cow sorghum wins with ingredients, because it is not often eaten and rare, fishing overnight chickenCompared with the seasoning, the seasoning is only slightly worse, the goose intestine is the most amazing, the color is heavy and the taste is not heavy, the crispness is the best I have ever eaten. Compared to my praise, the Guangzhou friends who are responsible for the reception are calm. I was in Shenzhen, a gourmet desert, after a long period of poverty, and they were the ones who took the tongue out. When I went to Beijing at the beginning of the year, I encountered several roast duck restaurants that changed the traditional method of Beijing roast duck and changed it to the method of belt meat. This time, the Cantonese-style sliced ​​duck in the four seasons used a piece of flesh separation. Sometimes, your innovation is the tradition of others, and it is always interesting to watch the changes and blends of this diet. Regrettably, the four seasons of 588 a piece of duck, the fire is old, the skin is not crisp enough, the separation of the flesh and meat is more to enlarge the shortcomings, it really makes people miss Dadong’s roast duck. To make matters worse, in addition to the sliced ​​duck and snacks, the hot dish has only one apricot mushroom beef and one fried sweet potato leaf, and then everyone feels dry mouth after meal. For the first time in this level of restaurant, I ate such a heavy MSG. The service of the four seasons is also uncomfortable. It is the typical service staff’s standard action without any problem, but it is my own international brand that I am proud of.