Taiwan Taipei hotel室內採用全實木鄉村家具

Taiwan Taipei hotel Homestay has a full range of public facilities. Accommodations, restaurants and snacks of various grades give us a lot of choices. It is also the most convenient distribution point for Shennongjia. It has long-distance shuttle buses to and from Yichang and Shiyan every day. According to the Taiwan Taipei hotel itinerary, if the itinerary is the priority, Hualien B&B will have to see where your play is mainly concentrated. The choices in the downtown area of ​​Tokyo follow the principle of proximity: for example, shopping in Shinjuku and experiencing nightlife in Kabukicho at night, living in the Shinjuku area is the best; if you want to visit Ginza, but the price of hotels around Tokyo Station is too high, you can Living in Asakusa or Ueno, there is a subway directly connected to Ginza. On this basis, it is recommended to live near the Taiwan Taipei hotel Yamanote Line, because the Yamanote Line is a ring line, it is very convenient to go to Tokyo or transfer to other routes. The spring conference of Hualien B&B “One Body Two Wings • Fueng B&B Upgrade” was held in Beijing on the 17th. The guests discussed the upgrade of the property industry and the pain points of the future development of the hotel industry. Taiwan Taipei hotel. Accelerate the registration of urban houses and rural homesteads, actively explore models of repurchase, leasing, replacement, and exit, and orderly idle the idle legal assets of old village committees, old factories, old school buildings, and idle houses of Hualien B&B. The development of the B&B in the scope adheres to the priority of ecological protection, and encourages the use of existing farmer’s own residential renovation to upgrade the development of the B&B project. Hualien B&B, which utilizes the new development and construction of the B&B project of the hollow village and the old house, must meet the approved village and town planning. Tujia self-employed also independently developed a complete set of operation management system, showing the details of the background order status, income, cost, wear and tear, cleaning and maintenance, etc. Hualian B&B, the information is accurate and transparent, and the landlord can view it at a remote location. It is worth noting that at present, the peak amount of daytime nights in Hualien has exceeded 200,000, refreshing the previous record of 160,000, and creating a new high for the hotel industry. This further confirms that the Taiwan Taipei hotel has been recognized by the market in terms of operation mode, product end and conversion rate. The property is an effective use of socially idle housing. With the development of the new business of the hotel, the doubts about the health of the hotel and the safety of the hotel are one after another. At the press conference, the person in charge of the self-operated business made a wonderful speech around the theme of “Self-operating-Upgrading B&B Industry Chain Service Solution” of Hualien Homestay. The building uses cement as ink and light pen to complete a premeditated deconstruction experiment. The designer has arranged natural light, artificial light and mirror to create light and shadow interaction in multiple spaces. Taiwan Taipei hotel is in a window, one grass and one grass. The wood slowly stretches and enlarges the time.