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The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia report released on the 19th of this month pointed out that compared with the historical level, the current house price has fallen sharply. japan property agency If the house price falls further, consumption will be at risk; in addition, it shows that there is obvious uncertainty in the economic outlook. japan property agency The market is skeptical that the Reserve Bank of Australia has opened the door to cut interest rates. Last year, there were also cases in which government agencies talked about price cuts. Inviting the society to be suspicious, people can’t help but ask why they don’t care when they raise prices, and they just can’t stand the price cuts. Price cuts are an inevitable process of benign development. japan property agency It is also a very necessary measure to go to the housing price bubble. In many areas, house prices have risen to sky-high prices. For most people, it is really impossible to afford to cut prices without cutting prices. Even if the short-term market transactions continue to be low and the project is declining, the policy relaxation expectation is strong, japan property agency and the housing enterprises have a lack of momentum in terms of price changes and house prices. On the whole, housing prices in first-tier cities will remain high and the fluctuations will not be too large. japan property agency The person in charge of the relevant department of Chenzhou City said, “The above notification exists. The relevant departments have intervened in the investigation on the legality of the chamber and the authenticity of the chaos listed in the notice.” It seems that this chamber of commerce is definitely not a government agency, is it not? Registration registration also needs to be investigated. Even dare to send a “notification” to the industry, it is also drunk. The relevant staff further stated, “Next, we will pay close attention to the progress of this matter. japan property agency The impact on this market will not be too great. At present, the real estate market chaos such as the price reduction of 2,000 yuan per square meter mentioned in the above notification has not been found. Elephant.” China accounts for a quarter of Australian real estate investment and is the largest source of real estate investment in the country. According to Reuters, as Chinese buyers disappeared or missed settlement payments, Australian property prices plummeted, and some projects under construction are already at the center of economic depression. Affected by the way real estate projects raise funds, once their sales volume and price drop, many builders will not be able to pay their debts and will eventually go bankrupt. In this case, Australian parliamentarians have also issued insulting speeches, although the latest news that the country’s Prime Minister Morrison has issued a text in his newly opened micro-signal to appease Chinese, but does not seem to be appreciated.