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Many real estate builders will raise funds japan property agency by bank loans before they develop projects, and repay bank loans after completing project construction and selling houses. Another way to raise funds is to pre-sell commercial houses, which means that before the project starts, Selling the house to get the money. China accounts for a quarter of Australian real estate japan property agency investment and is the largest source of real estate investment in the country. According to Reuters, as Chinese buyers disappeared or missed settlement payments, Australian property prices plummeted and some projects under construction were already at japan property agency the center of economic depression. Affected by the way real estate projects raise funds, once their sales volume and price drop, many builders will not be able to pay their debts and japan property agency will eventually go bankrupt. Compared with the historical level, the current house price has fallen sharply. If the house price falls further, consumption will be at risk. In addition, it shows that there is obvious uncertainty in the economic outlook. in the context of the central government’s insistence on “location of housing and not speculation” and the emphasis on “one city and one policy”, the real estate market will enter a new stage of development. The competition pattern of housing enterprises will continue to escalate. In January, the sales of housing enterprises started smoothly. 18 sales exceeded 10 billion. Let us witness the opening performance of the new housing enterprises in the new year. This makes the market suspect that the Reserve Bank of Australia has opened the door to cut interest rates. In order to refer to the standards of developed countries in the world, it is japan property agency necessary to have more than 71% efficiency to complete urbanization. Secondly, it is to analyze the development prospects of all domestic industries. In the new year, some real estate enterprises will start their hometown marketing activities. At the beginning of 2019, housing companies have held 2018 annual summary conferences. As a real estate with multiple industrial chains, it is no doubt more than any previous one. An industry must be driven fast, and the benefits it generates are not so much, so the current changes in japan property agency housing prices will affect multiple industries. Because the concept of data is somewhat vague, we must recognize that the industry that has been the main component of the national economy over the past 10 years has nothing to do after removing real estate.