different kind of environment in that year eternity ring

The bell monk was indeed a different kind of environment in that year eternity ring. It must be used for punching and ticketing for rewards eternity ring. Of course, this is inseparable from the ringing monk eternity ring. From boxing to various fancy ringing bells, basically, monks have no career in the brushing genre that can be compared with them. Since then eternity ring, monks will also have their own 140+ gameplay. In the current gameplay eternity ring, the Monkey King recommends using the guide shoulder. The difference between the guide shoulder and the right shoulder is that the guide shoulder can have an additional monoclonal antibody than the right shoulder eternity ring. With the integration of heaven and man, it can be drawn closer to the righteous 130 full resistance to neglect the tough ones. degree. After the new version, Liuyunqiao is a one-handed glove that is the core of ice rushing injury. It not only provides 600% additional damage for our main output skill Fengleihong, but also automatically when we guide Fenglei alluvial damage. Hurricane breaking is released once every second. Each skill must be seamlessly connected. The obsidian ring of Huangdao is a must. The other builds are basically based on Captain Monkey. In general, the difficulty of this set is relatively simple. This is definitely a super step up for monk players. Who says monks can only ring the bell? We are also working on the level. New gameplay has appeared. Don’t you try it? At the same time, it is often seen that the couple appears with the children in major shopping malls and supermarkets, and they are not blindly pursuing big names. This couple is definitely the most powerful and powerful couple. She has always been dressed as a housewife and feels like a business woman. It can be said that everyone is very surprised. The proportion of the figure is absolutely perfect, plus the two years of maintenance in place, and the geometric cut of the hem has a certain visual effect, with a black pencil skirt and a high-cut design It plays a significant role in unifying the upper and lower parts. A navy blue dress is particularly noticeable among a group of black and white people. With its high face value, it is also very popular in the giant circle. I got the limelight. This is also a delay of work and family. On the same day, the couple also experienced the tea ceremony with their children.And the whole body, Guo Jingjing also did not have any shiny jewelry, not even the ring, the daughter on one side is also very ordinary dress, even the hair is randomly tied with two small pigtails, it seems like the mother is also not a focus Look people!Love has never been easy. After all, every adult has his own principle of doing things. It is difficult for someone to love each other while still “seeking common ground while shelving differences” in future common lives.