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At the Cambodia booth, Ms. Wang, a citizen of Xi’an, said taipei hotel near mrt.

The Huashang Daily reporter learned that the exchanges between Cambodia and Shaanxi have a long history, and the exchanges in recent years have become more extensive and extensive. On May 17, 2017, Prime Minister Hun Sen of the Royal Government of Cambodia made a special trip to Xi’an to unveil the Xi’an Business Center in Cambodia taipei hotel near mrt. Prime Minister Hun Sen said that the establishment of the Xi’an Business Center in Cambodia is another important institution after Cambodia’s establishment of the Consulate General in Xi’an. Later, both sides can rely on this institution to carry out more important activities in the fields of cultural tourism, ancient city protection and agriculture. Cooperation. Shaanxi Provincial Governor Hu Heping said that Shaanxi Province has a long history and culture, rich resources, developed science and education, and complete industrial categories. At present, some enterprises in Shaanxi Province have begun to do projects in Cambodia, and some enterprises are about to carry out investment cooperation taipei hotel near mrt.

Haizhou District E-Commerce Center is a demonstration and leading project for the development of e-commerce in our city. It is located in Zhejiang Building with a total area of ​​4,200 square meters. It has four sections: e-commerce innovation incubator base, e-commerce training base, internet finance base and e-commerce brand operation base. It is an comprehensive service base for office display and training exchange for enterprises taipei hotel near mrt.

At present, the first phase of the E-Commerce Center has been put into operation, and has successfully introduced the e-commerce enterprises in the province, such as Zhongyu Leather, Liaoning Zhongpu, Ganhe Health Cloud, Jinteng Industry, Zheshang Chuangke, etc. Households, online e-commerce platform has reached 50 enterprises, the total number of registered members of the network platform is 30,000, 550 people are employed, and the sales of e-commerce is 30 million yuan taipei hotel near mrt.

The Haizhou District Commerce Bureau provides nanny services, organizes project implementation, and actively promotes project construction according to the work arrangements of the district committees and district governments. At the same time, Haizhou District E-Commerce Center will fully integrate the resources of the Internet, e-commerce, business logistics and other industries to achieve full online and offline interaction, accelerate the construction of Taobao Village, e-commerce professional street, e-commerce product display center, e-commerce gathering District, actively promote the development of “Internet + industry”. By 2020, the number of online merchants (micro-business) in the city has reached more than 10,000 households, and the number of online shopping companies has reached 5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 20%, and the scale of e-commerce transactions has entered the forefront of the province. Hefei Luogang Airport was all relocated to Xinqiao International Airport. Lao Luogang accompanied Hefei for 36 years and ended his mission. The planning and development of more than 4,000 acres of free land has become the focus of attention. The reporter was informed yesterday that Luogang’s former site would create a high-end financial business center taipei hotel near mrt.

As the connecting strip of the new old city, Luogang area will start its new journey with the relocation of the old airport and the new round of administrative division of Hefei. The Luogang area is located in the south of the prosperous Avenue of Hefei City, east of Huizhou Avenue, with a total land area of ​​about 12,000 mu. After the airport relocation, the Luogang area left more than 4,000 acres of open space.

At the same time, due to the lifting of the height limit order, the area of ​​nearly 10 kilometers was released, making the available land of Luogang site equivalent to the entire government area, and its target positioning will be upgraded again, relying on the development of Binhu New District. It will produce a transition from unit mode to multivariate mode. Yesterday, at the “Lakeside Provincial Government? Luogang New City” summit forum, the relevant department head of Baohe District revealed that Hefei City is planning the entire site of Luogang, and it is likely to become a high-end financial, business and office center in the future.