This happens when clay-like soil expands and contracts repeatedly as it gets wet. Each time it does so cracks will appear, and over time, the house will seem to settle. This problem is particularly prevalent in areas with excessive rainfall or simply during periods of heavy rain. To fix the problem, Dun-slope you will need to contact a professional. He will address the issue immediately and hopefully offer you ideas on how to prevent future cracking, including reevaluating your grading, the ground water and the soil. In addition to your lawn grading, the amount of ground water reaching your home may cause problems. If there seasonal high rains, you are on a flood plain or there are nearby underground springs, you may be getting much more groundwater than you thought. Dun-slope You can lay a flood pipe to take care of the problem, making sure to monitor the pipe not allowing it break or crack. If cracks do occur and water is being funneled into your basement, talk with a professional about getting them taken care of. A strong foundation isn just the key to building a solid home from the ground up. Dun-slope It is also how you build a solid home from the ground down. Make you sure you don have any lasting problems that could cause lasting headaches. The town of ‘Tiverton’ in Devon has existed from the Saxon times and is situated on the slope of a hill above where the river Exe and the river Lowman join together. The name ‘Tiverton’ originates from – meaning ‘two ford town’. Dun-slope Tiverton Castle, which recently celebrated its 900th anniversary, underlines the wealth and depth of history connected to this town. Dun-slope Once the medieval home to the Earls of Devon, the castle was built in 1106 by order of Henry the first and rebuilt and extended in the 13th and 14th centuries. With more additions and alterations throughout the centuries, both medieval to modern architecture can be seen including beautiful walled gardens set amongst romantic ruins. Old Blundells School is also steeped in rich history and a supporting asset to the stature and importance of Tiverton. Dun-slope Peter Blundell, one of the wealthiest merchants of old Elizabethan England was responsible for funding and creating the school. After his death in 1601, he left much money and land to found a School in his hometown of Tiverton. He is quoted to have said ‘thou I am not myself a scholar, I will be the means of making more scholars than anyone else in England’. The Tiverton Museum brings 18th and 19th century history to life in Mid Devon, with much information to be found on the history of the lace-making industry in Tiverton. Following a lottery funded redevelopment project, the Museum has many Galleries and Exhibits to browse, an education and activities area, research and family history facilities. Regardless of the time of year, Sweden makes an excellent place to take your vacation. It is a large country despite it’s relatively remote location. There’s no doubt at all that with very nearly 500,000 square kilometers to enjoy, you’ll be spoilt for choice, with much of the country as nature intended. Sweden’s very large size makes it one of the largest of the European countries. As a result, you have a wide range of choices for enjoying your holiday activities. Approximately 15 per cent of the country is situated north of the Arctic Circle. This makes for wonderfully long summer days and nights – and extremely long winter ones. For winter holidays, skiers of all levels can find the perfect slope experience. There are many different ski opportunities throughout the country, and you will probably want to take your skill level into consideration when booking ski lodging. Cold weather vacations are perfectly suited to the geography and climate of Sweden. It is absolutely picture perfect here, with mountain ranges smothered with snow and woodland, icy rivers glinting in the sunlight.