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tual meetings with their clients and other colleagues.  Many sales meetings are virtual patchingnow conducted through web conferencing. In fact, many businesses now prefer virtual meeting more than in-person meetings which allow them to make virtual patchingeffective sales presentations, investment relation calls and training.  What are the right business fax numbers, you ask? These are numbers that are well profiled, and highly targeted towards the right demographic in other words, your virtual patchingtarget market.   If you抮e someone who isn抰 part of a corporation and in fact doing your own virtual marketing from home, then you would probably find that compiling your own list of business fax numbers is near impossible, because you wouldn抰 have the right contacts to begin with. Unless you抮e friends virtual patchingwith a business mogul who can get you in touch with the right people, you抮e out of luck. You need the right contacts to get ahead; you need to narrow down the list of prospects that have a higher conversion rate so that you won抰 waste your resources on people who won抰 end up buying what you抮e pitching. virtual patchingThink of the money and effort you抳e spent to embark on your virtual marketing foray. Without a proper, qualified list of leads, all your efforts would have come to naught.  Don抰 do what most are doing, which is floundering around virtual patchingor may not be interested in purchasing products or services they might be selling. Remember that marketing should be considered a science, a science involving precision planning and perfection of execution. Everything that you do must not be wasted effort if you want to make the biggest gains, so the importance of having a reliable fax numbers list of highly qualified and targeted leads cannot be stressed enough.  You can obtain a reliable fax numbers list for your tele fax marketing through the various listings companies online. However, before investing in such lists, remember to check the track record of the company you抮e getting them from. A reliable source should have the appropriate track records of providing quality leads list, and should not end up leading you back to square one. Author’s Resource BoxChris Burns is an authority on mailing list services providing valuable advice at httstudy package, free unlimited access of Mind map, free unlimited access of SLM, free unlimited access for practice paper, free mind map, p   Author RSS Feed E learning is the most convenient way of learning, which amalgamates education and technology. It has caught the fancy of students and is increasingly becoming the buzz of the town because of its convenient and cost effective model. Not only students but also parents find it a convenient model of learning. Education always being given a priority has changed its silhouette from being conventional to more innovative and interesting.   Why e learning? The role of e learning has manifolded in the last few years especially with the Internet becoming a global phenomena. People find learning online quite intriguing, simple and beneficial compared to conventional classroom teaching, since, it provides the learner with virtual patchinginstant access to any subject material within seconds.   Offering solutions to several topics is actually the forte of e learning, which helps in the smooth lifelong learning procedure. It provides online tutoring to pupils across the world, and thus, makes learning quite convenient and flexible in nature. It gives control to student over when and where they study. Convenience is the key feature, which further helps in defining e learning effectively. A perfect ambiance is created which promotes an active approach towards learning. The medium even supports virtual patchingincreased communication between the experts and students and aids in providing frequent and timely individual feedbackdents through subject experts via Virtual Classes, the queries of students are further solved eventually making them more proficient in the subject. Students prefer online learning also because of the fact that it is highly appreciated for its economic value as it eliminates the travel time virtual patchingand costs without compromising the quality and requirements.  As learning is a continuous, cultural process, so access and opportunities to learn should as well be available to students in real time after the school hours. And this is effectively done by e learning which fosters self paced learning whereby students access the study support round the clock at their pace and convenience.   Author’s virtual patchingResource BoxExtramarks brings students, teachers and parents together on a single platform to  ensure that a child excels academically. To know more about online education, e learning, online class, school education support, CBSE, ICSE, annual study package and Rajasthan Board, log on to www.extramarks.comElearning: Studying In The Digital Age   Author : Extramarks Education Submitted : 2009-11-13 03:10:43    Word Count : 564    Popularity:   90 Tags:   Elearning,