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Paphasize views adjacent to the deck. If there is a water feature, a lovely grove of part time jobtrees or garden area nearby make sure to leave that view open and accessible from the deck. Move or rearrange furniture and other objects on the deck in order to facilitate this.7. Place any type of screening strategically to enhance part time jobprivacy and block only those sights that are distracting. Movable screening provides a great deal more flexibility than fixed types in enabling this to occur.8. Install a water feature or hang wind chimes close to the deck. The soothing sounds part time jobyards. A trellis or vertical sections of latticework can provide support for dense greenery which is not only attractive to look at but can also filter out sound and prying eyes.9. Install built-in seating on the outside edges of the deck since it takes up less room than furniture that stands alone. Also use a round table since it takes up less room than rectangular types and allows the seating of additional people part time jobfor dining or entertaining.10.Keep decking patterns simple. Small patterns and contrasting textures created a feeling of being hemmed in and add very part time joblittle to the appeal of the overal deck design.11.Move furnishings to the side of the deck to open up the central space and create the illusion of size while also allowing for much easier access and traffic flow on and off the deck.12.Add a patio off the edge of the deck to enlarge the amount of usable space. Link these 2 areas by using: a) a similar material such as wood, brick or stone in some way b) by the use of container plants or planter boxesc) by using a similar color in some way (flower, decorative art piece, etc.)d) by installing an arbor or pergola to provide shade protection for all or parts of bothCareful use of a variety of simple deck design techniques can enhance the look of any small deck and create the illusion that it is larger than its actual size. Author’s Resource BoxRichard Vande Sompel is a professional deck builder of 35 years and over 850decks built and is the author of How to Plan, Design and Build a Deck fromStart to Finish. To Discover More About Deck Design and Claim your 2FREE Deck Plans, Insider Report, MP3 Audio and discover everything to know aboutbuilding a deck visit:http://www.DeckBuildingRevealed.com12% Of Dalmatians Should Be Euthanized? Author : inspiring rescue Submitted : 2010-02-16 07:29:09Word Count : 857Popularity: 26 Tags: Inspiring Rescue Stories New Lives Book Joanne Wannan & 12% of Dalmatians Should be Euthanized? Author RSS Feed Lottie Dot was dumped on a highway in the middle of a snowstorm when she was only eight weeks old. Except for an act of serendipity, she would have frozen to death in the snow.Patricia Belt’s son was driving cross-country to visit her one February, when he came upon what looked like a lump of snow on the road. He swerved, skidded to a stop, then got out of his car. Looking up at him was a tiny Dalmatian pup. She was frightened, malnourished, and very, very cold.When Patricia took Lottie to the vet, it was discovered the little pup was deaf in both ears. Using American Sign Language, Patricia trained Lottie – who now knows an amazing 40 commands! Lottie can balance a bone on her nose, flip it and then catch it in her part time jobmouth. She jumps through hula hoops and plays peekaboo by covering her eyes with her paws. Lottie is an honorary member of the local fire department, and learned too stop, drop and roll, so that she can demonstrate the life-saving technique to schoolchildren. And after every trick, Lottie takes a bow!Lottie visits in hospitals, seniors’ centers, and rehabilitation facilities. (She is so busy, that she even has her own resum?!) She also takes part in the R.E.A.D. (Reading Educational Assistance Dog) program – which encourages literacy by having children read out loud to a dog. Lottie nods with approval when the children show her pictures and even gives them the part time joboccasional “high-five.” “Lottie can’t hear these precious kids read a single word,” her owner, Patricia says. “She hears in a different way; with her heart.”However, there is something unsettling about Lottie’s story. According to the Dalmatian Club of America, Lottie should have been euthanized when she was only part time jobeight weeks old.About 12 percent of dalmatians are born deaf. Thisg deliberately bred for certain characteristics. One of those characteristics is their distinctive coat spotted coat. Dogs with patches – large areas of continuous color, often found around the eyes, ears, or at the base of the tail – are disqualified from competition.. About 12% of Dalmatians are born with “patches.” And ironically, the presence of patches has a reverse correlation to the deafness gene. In other words, part time jobprohibited in the breed standard – might actually lower the number of deaf dogs.In the past many breeders routinely euthanized patched puppies at birth, rather like they now euthanize deaf puppies. Perhaps in the future deaf puppies will also be spared.The Deaf Dog Connections, Advocacy, Resources & Education, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the health, welfare, and quality of life for deaf dogs. For more information, please visit: www.D2Care.orgDo you agree with the Dalmatian Club? Should 12% of their breed be euthanized? Author’s Resource BoxJoanne studied Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. An experienced author, her writing