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Our other specialties are in painting, general contracting and minor concrete repair works. Strontech is strongly supported by reputable MNCs and local waterproofing contractor singapore suppliers and manufacturers from which we obtain our materials. West An waterproofing company specializing in building construction waterproofing contractor singapore contractor waterproofing contractor singapore two national professional qualification, the use of high-quality waterproof materials, excellent construction make the project of science. Waterproofing is proud to work with some of the best home builders in the Louisville area. Some of our building customers are . We also give the same care to our residential customers who need help with solving their waterproofing problems. Don’t neglect structural/water problems, because they will only get worse, and can inflict major damage. By controlling ground water, surface water, and precipitation/runoff, we help you to protect your investment for the long term. Call today to learn more about our company and whether we are a good fit for your specific needs and ideas. Click here for our contact info or to schedule a FREE Consultation. A reliable waterproofing contractor singapore system is a result of many factors which include; the inherent design of the structure or building, the quality of the builder’s workmanship, site coordination and planning. For most waterproofing treatment jobs, you need professional help for a lasting solution. Without professional waterproofing measures, a variety of problems may ensue, such as leaks, foundation issues, health issues related to mould, and ruined furniture, carpet, home appliances, etc. You can sense a waterproofing problem when there is a musty odour arising from a damp basement or attic. During this time, there were many imported waterproofing products which are toxic and flammable such as the solvent liquid polyurethane and sheet membrane which require torching or solvent adhesives for overlapping of joints. This will not only affect our environment but also unhealthy for the workers by inhaling. We also do spot checks on our products at customers’ sites to determine on the right applications. Most of our products are single component products; therefore any foreign materials added will have an effect such as disintegration of the product or turn slurry. All our products are measured for its accuracy during production and quality control checks before exporting or delivering out from the factory. Our First Meeting- It is our preference to conduct our introductory meeting with you at the project site if available in order to best acquaint ourselves with the existing conditions and work environment. Leakage cause: 1) Degradation of the concrete structure through spalling (corrosion of its reinforcement bars). 2) Damage to interior finishing and property. 3) Unsightly stains or building up of lime. In some instances, it causes aggrieved parties into claiming against such damages. Whether you need waterproofing membranes and systems to waterproof an existing roof or deck, new roofing or decks, waterproofing underground structures or need to repair concreteusing modern and specialist injection technology, we can help by using a wide range of professional techniques and concrete waterproofing contractor singapore products. Initially it was a great task for us to convince the Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Builders and Developers to adopt a new trend of waterproofing in Indian Construction Industry. It took a great hardship to initiate and acquire jobs on sample or small scale. As the time passed by, the trend introduced by us was accepted on the grounds of not only successive works but due to cost effectiveness and lesser time consuming process with an option of rectification in case of damages by any means which is not possible in conventional systems. Today, Waterproofing has developed a brand name as one of leading waterproofing contractor singapore Consultant due to delivering successive works to almost all leading Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Builders and Developers all over India.