The original Red River Hotel Taiwan Taipei hotel

Accommodation + Exhibition Lecture + Installation Art The original Red River Hotel Taiwan Taipei hotel, which was converted from the original Galaxy Hotel, has a trendy new space, a humorous art park Taiwan Taipei hotel, and occasional art exhibitions and lectures. Nearby attractions include Taichung Cultural and Creative Industry Park, Qin Art Museum, Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, and Liuchuan New Style Taiwan Taipei hotel. The accommodation + organic atmosphere + responsive to environmental protection continues to purify the air and maintain the eucalyptus of the woods, from the exterior of the building, The hall is even named after the room type, and the elements related to the tree can be seen in every corner Taiwan Taipei hotel, and the air in the space is emphasized, so that the visitors can fully feel the organic green atmosphere. Nearby attractions: Taichung Opera House, Donghai University Taiwan Taipei hotel, Gaomi Wetland, Fengjia Business Circle, Qiuhong Valley, etc., are quite small and fresh tourist attractions, people are less beautiful, take pictures to send friends must have a few The scenic spots are all close to this hotel and it is very convenient to travel Taiwan Taipei hotel. The accommodation + art exhibition space combines with the form of the annual exhibition. In addition to providing accommodation, it also presents the diverse appearance of the city through the exhibition situation. The theme of the first year is the travel life of the foreign travel, allowing visitors to experience the Tainan culture more deeply. . Nearby attractions: Tainan Confucius Temple, Chihkan Tower, Anping Castle, Anping Tree House, Yizhao Jincheng, etc. Accommodation + Museum + Landscape Park Taiwan’s first residence hotel attached to the museum park, only about 10 minutes from the airport The ride is quite convenient. The hotel was converted from an academic activity center in the museum. You can also get a free ticket for the museum! Nearby attractions: National Taiwan Prehistoric Culture Museum, Beinan Relics Park, Taitung Forest Park, Dulan Forest Farm, located at No. 1 Museum Road, Taitung City. Compared with the previous hotels, Xiaobian prefers this hotel. It is quite convenient to travel and is a hotel in the museum. It also offers tickets for staying. The next day, you can visit the museum and the Taitung Forest Park on the edge to breathe nature. Fresh air, there are many places nearby where you can take beautiful photos.This is a very serious mistake of the Taiwan authorities. Most of the land travellers to Taiwan are round-the-island trips. From the east or west line, they will travel to Taipei, Chiayi, Kaohsiung, Kenting, Taitung, Hualien and other places. However, tourists from other countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States are different from Luke’s 7.5-day trip. They only stay in Taiwan for 4.5 days, and they are mostly concentrated in Taipei. Li Qiyue, chairman of the China Quality Tourism Development Association, pointed out that 80% of non-lumber tourists only play in Taipei City, and at most go to Yehliu to see the Queen’s head, and to Jiufen. If you ask Taipei Ximending, they feel that even if the landlord did not come, there are also guests from Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan. The hotel housing rate is still very high, so there is no feeling.