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Beijing Aiduobang Surgery Specialist: Dean Wang Shaoguo Preoperative: Nowadays, many young people despise injection beauty nail salon hong kong, blindly under the “recommendation guidance” of girlfriends and friends, even let the hairdresser and beautician toss on their faces nail salon hong kong,. The injection is nothing. It is precisely the lack of vigilance of the beauty seekers, which has contributed to the proliferation of unidentified injections in the plastic surgery market. Xiaoying is a young girl after 90, bold and trendy. When I was doing nails at a nail shop nail salon hong kong,, the manicurist always praised Xiaoying for being beautiful, but the nose was not quite enough, otherwise it was perfect. In this way nail salon hong kong,, under the armor of the manicurist, Xiaoying decided to inject a shot of hyaluronic acid into the nose, and the operation site was in this nail shop, which is the manicurist. It didn’t take long for Xiaoying to feel redness and pain in the injection site of the nose, and slowly began to hyperplasia, and the bridge of the nose became swollen and wide. Xiaoying went to the hospital for examination, only to know that because of her rashness, she injected growth factors. Preoperative condition: lateral expansion of the bridge of the nose causes the nose to widen and affects the appearance. Customer expectation: Take out and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the affected area with minimally invasive surgery. After the detailed examination of Xiao Ying, Dean Wang Shaoguo listened carefully to her idea request, surgical design of the sonic particle resonance technology was taken out nail salon hong kong,, and the whole process was minimally invasive. . Sonic particle resonance technology takes out the sonic particle resonance technology and takes out the patented technology to avoid secondary damage by minimally invasive way. Only the needle hole size of the wound, targeted, accurate, can be concentratedRepair the target area, the entire repair process will not damage the normal nerve vessels nail salon hong kong,,and can play a role in protecting normal tissues and functions. 15 days after surgery, 15 days after surgery, although still slightly swollen, it can still be seen that the effect is very obvious, the growth factors have all been removed, and the bridge of the nose has become natural. One month after the operation, the swelling was basically relieved, and the sister’s nose became more and more natural. One and a half months after the operation, one and a half months after surgery, we can see that Xiaoying’s nose has recovered better and better and more refined. Two and a half months after the operation two months later, Xiaoying’s nose line became more and more natural, and the previous hyperplastic swelling disappeared. Three months after the operation, three months after surgery, we can see that the improvement effect of Xiaoying is very obvious, and the irregular proliferation caused by growth factors is no longer seen. Four months after the operation four months after surgery, Xiaoying’s bridge of the nose has been very smooth, returning to the original state. Although the current injection beauty is a “fast food” that the beauty lovers like because of the small trauma and short recovery time, it is still not light.