nail central 美甲修護

The weather is gradually picking up, I believe that the mood of the little fairies is also getting better. Spring is the season of spring blossoms, giving people a vibrant beauty. Spring is also the moment to show beauty and the best start of the new year. The color of the fingertips can not be less, so that the mood is also good, the following small series to share with you the white and beautiful spring nails, elegant and eye-catching style, fingertips super style! This kind nail central of light pink, combined with white, is decorated with small metal and sequins. The decoration of the foil paper plays a very good role in brightening, and the fingers are white, so it looks beautiful, does it feel like it? Very hearty? Gives a sweet and nail central elegant, this simple pink color, it is very comfortable to watch, short fingertips, charm is also a lot of, so that your temperament is very good. The style of the cat’s eye has always been more exquisite, and it is particularly attractive. It has a kind of nail central atmospheric beauty. This cat’s eye style also plays a very good role in promoting the modification of individual rhinestones and becoming more foreign. The color of the powder. Pink is a sweet color, which gives people a special feeling. The pink color is matched with milky white. It is decorated with a chain nail central and rhinestones. The color of the fingertips is sparkling, giving people a feeling of elegance and temperament. The fingertips become a work of art. The beauty is unspeakable, elegant and very temperament, super manicure, do you really like it? This dark green color is very fresh color, dark green with silver powder, green sequins and yellow metal decoration, yellow against the gentle, sequin-decorated atmosphere, short nails but very white and very attractive! The red is like a nail central candy, and the red is matched with the stripes. The feeling of the lady is gentle and temperament, and the candy color of the small rhinestone is very sweet and very moving. It is beautiful and cannot be described by words. The manicure, the fingers against the white, super appealing. This burgundy color is very good-looking. The fingers of the wine-red are white, the simple color is very fresh and fresh, the bright paper above is very crystal-clear, and there is a kind of atmospheric beauty, very beautiful charm! The white temperament of the nails makes your fingertips shine, really beautiful! Pink is very textured, the pink atmosphere is fascinating, and the girl is full of hearts, pink with bright rhinestones, really fascinating, you can choose nail central different shapes according to your preferences, let you stylish and elegant To the glamour, is it in love with this manicure? Which one do you like? There are many things that look good and attractive, whether it is hair accessories, clothes, or good-looking shoes. They all have different fashion charms, especially nails, a touch of color at your fingertips, which makes you gentle and stylish, beautiful super It is stimulating, temperament and temperament.