Warehouse Management System

the protective effect cargo container can be more effectively prevent the collision damage and loss when handling missing. [1] (2) the packaging rationaliz y, but ation. With container, single packaged goods and small packaging requirements can be reduced or even removed a small package so that there is a great saving on packaging materials, packaging and protective strength due to the large capacity container has increa Warehouse Management System ole, logistics systematic core content and the main way. Container system can work in many ways, so many have it as a trunk into the logistics development. [1] In the container system, the first question is to form a set of cargo loaded state, that a certain combination of size and weight, which is set to zero for the whole way. Will focus on the scattered cargo into oWarehouse Management Systemolm McLean (1915-2001). He developed container cargo invention achieves success in 1946, is widely used in automotive, rail, ship and aircraft transport, global transportation undergone revolutionary change. [1] “Container” in the South  and Hong Kong is known as the “container”anagement, also known as warehouse management, English Warehouse Management, abbreviated WM, referring to the effective control of theple of rubato few scattered boxes scattered. For example, one kind of material 103 total, 10 boxes (each box of 10) plus three zero number in the inventory of single-point number on the discWarehouse Management Systemer warehouse, light and small goods, manual access. Use hoist and hydraulic lifting platform storage volume is large. Light shelves Plug modular structure, the standard group plug, not a connecting bolt, convenient disassembly, super-type closed steel plate structure, the height is adjustable every 50mm, the maximum load on each 150 – 250 kg. Medium Shelf Medium-sized shelves and shelves using a structured form of beams combined, can carry 300-500kg, there are cross-section beams, structural members are free to dismantle a varieWarehouse Management Systemty of specifications, t less variety, quantity and goods more accessible mode can be scheduled, the same type used to store a large number of goods. Due to the enterprise, but the potential is there. 2 Chinese situation analysisre income; scan to conf Editing Introduction After  joined the WTO, some restrictive measures gradually canceled, foreign logistics service companies have entered the domestic market, and continue to improve its maWarehouse Management Systemrket share.  has been recognized as the 21st century world, “processing plant.” Many foreign manufacturers as early as the 1980s,n, while increasing employment, which has been implemented in some developed countries, and therefore great research value. Again, from the point of view of sustainable development to analysis: fromWarehouse Management System macro-level perspective, the real idea of sustainable development is the pursuit of harmony between man and nature. Define the 1987 World Commission on Environment and Development in its report “Our Common Future” to “susWarehouse Management Systemtainable development” is given: Sustainable development is at the same time meet the needs of contemporary people, not make future generations to atef $ 120 per ton of garbage to calculate the potential value of this market up to more than 6000 billion dollars. Far above information we can see that the developed countries to the importance of waste disposal. Laws and regulations promulgated by the case Due to the particularity, national, regional waste stream are the main flow of waste, treatment formulated striWarehouse Management Systemct laws and regulations. Such as Germany, is the world’s first national importance of packaging waste recovery and utilization. 1975, the German government and industry to conserve resources and increase recycling of packaging waste agreement; 1986, the German government issued the “Waste Disposal and Treahttp://www.daifukusingapore.com/products/15/84/Manufacturing-Distribution/Warehouse-Software