Up to pioneer Setsuna F Seiei / moment ‧F (フ ァ nn Micron) ‧ ã イ Eito / moment • F • Thayer (seiyuu: Miyano Mamoru) (early childhood seiyuu: Western Wall Yuka) Age: gundam 16 yrs old Height: 162 cm Weight: 49 kg Blood Type : A Date of Birth: AD April 7, 2291. The protagonist, was born and raised in the ongoing civil war in the Middle East juvenile soldiers Chur Guise (ku Hikaru ji su) Republic. Melee type MS “Angel up (Gundam Exia)” driver. In the name of “the moment” there is the “moment” meaning, Seiei is the Japanese’s “elite” are homonyms. Click Bank Show ▼ Close ▲ Note: The box for works plot, ending, or other relevant content, may reduce the Spoiler. as high as 12 animated TV series, as, starting from October 2007 in the Mainichi Broadcasting (MBS), tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) series play, this animated series is also up for the first time in HD playback. Story Time for AD (Western calendar) 2307, describing t gundamhar became downright funny than spit Lara is as bad service and military repression. Does not make sense to subvert the original set with funny plot development, whetherndam series of mobile games, so you experience robot Battle Battle scenes. game total of five kinds of different roles for players to choose from, there are two hidden version of the role waiting for you to crack! Benz flash, assault forces, allowing the player to experience the real robot battle in the ring battle, win the final victory, was able to get right to the colonial rule and the Earth Star State! great up fighti gundam years ago, private armed groups of scientists Iao Elijah • repair 罕贝克 founded primarily related information worldview forces Celestial Being “god”, whose philosophy is “the use of force to eradicate the dispute.” Has more than one to the unique technology developed by MS “Gundam.” Tissue composition, membership, stronghold details unknown, and the entire organization is by a super computer named “Veda” conducted leadership. Lagrange point L3 in place with a colony named ‘days are. “In addition to showing the world the gods themselves, there is another called “Fereshte” shadow gundamion of marijuana, so it is god identified as the root causes of war and sent up to the main angel burn out. Mora Leah Republic debut in the sixth, then, in a country in southern Europe (Spain, Valencia area equivalent position) in order to quartermaster industry as the economic lifeline, so it is identified as the god of war and the root of its military exercises during the up to dispatch four were destroyed. PMC had a population base of statehood in 2284, only 180,000, there are three million foreign workers living in the Republic of Mora Leah. It is a private military c gundamey kill, so there is a very strong moment for Ali hatred. ” kingdom” ma ri ナ イ su ma イ Hikaru / Marina • Izmir (seiyuu: Hang loose thou Yui Mi)? Age is 24 years old. This for the heroine. Kingdom  first princess, in order to save due to oil depletion led to the economic crisis of the motherland, rushing countries in order to ai gundamainwave linked to a wonderful relationship, so when approaching the two will have a needle-like headaches. Tieria Erde / Te ィ ア Industries ri ‧ ア ー Du / Tiye Leah • Odo (seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi) age range: Unknown Height: 177 cm Weight: 59 kg Blood Type: Unknown Date of Birth: unknown. One Gundam Meister kangaroo armed gundam organization “god” belongs, reloading type MS “De angel up (Gundam Virtue)” driver. Origin, nationality, experience are all mysteries, with stunning looks teenager. Stead