Weatherproof Furniture

3, ceiling hanging pieces examination Customers in the choice of the ceiling, often in the business of misleading, only concerned to see after installation material, but this often greatly increased profits for businesses. In the DPM, the main framework of the installation, including the aspects of the triangular keel, main keel, boom, hanging pieces stolen tune materials. Weatherproof Furniture decoration materials, it can be used a strong ceiling, wall, fire performance, with a metal frame can make all kinds of beautiful shapes. Part3: Ceiling acceptance without missing Securely installed to ensure safety Ceiling do not tend to endanger the lives and safety of Oh! Acceptance of more importance is self-evident. Ceiling general acceptance of the need to see whether the firm keel, ceiling installation was s Weatherproof Furniturehen using the keel force stiffness, stability, based on the weight of the span and surface material to consider, as well as the main keel, Vice (times) the distribution of the keel to use. Vice (Ci) keel General Specifications: 20 × 30,25 × 35,30 × 40; main keel General Specifications: 30 × 40,40 × 60, 60 × 80 or larger 100 is rarely used for Weatherproof Furniture environmentally friendly production process wastewater zero emissions, improve the ecological waterproofing industry again environmental standards. And on this basis, for the home improvement market, has launched a new drinking water grade products, to ensure that consumers enjoy a relaxing, healthy home life. Wet Parkway an enterprise strength alone is not sufficient to change the status quo waterproofing industry, a large number of small businesses will continue to produce low-quality waterproof materials, continue to harm the health of consumers at home, continue to lead the industry into a vicious competitive environment can not extricate themselves . Waterproofing industry needs more responsibility and have the strength to say NO to corporate GB, proactive provide consumers with better quality and higher Weatherproof Furniture environmental standards waterproof products, while creating value for society to promote the healthy development of the waterproofing industry. There are a lot of decoration on the surface of “invisible” construction projects, which we call, hidden project. It is easy to become a covert Weatherproof Furnitureational industry standards, but well below the standards of other large domestic home industry categories, such as domestic flooring, cabinets, wardrobes and other trades are executed E1 standard formaldehyde content ≤1.5mg / L of . Large home building materials industry at home and abroad are far beyond the implementation of environmental requirements waterproof coating national standards, on the one hand is to a Weatherproof Furniture control construction quality, strengthening workers’ skills training, promotion waterproof special waterproof material by the owners of construction subcontractors and integrated approach , to eliminate layers of waterproofing subcontractors; production processes, strengthen management and card issuing production lt, not only developers, home building materials industry also needs the whole industry chain integration thinking. “Home building materials industry is no shortage of production capacity, lack of integration, but also look forward segments of the leading enterprises in the wings to plug capital extend the industrial chain, to occupy the industrial value chain.” Insiders said. Qin astrology suggested that compdly products are healthy token pursuit. Today waterproof will continue its efforts to promote the home building industry, industrial upgrading and Weatherproof Furnituretransformation, promote the development of energy conservation cause, leading green production. Good toilet water measures are an important step in building a harmonious home life, but also a focus can not be ignored. So to do what steps should be followed toilet water it? Xiaobian identified a number of small Raiders, you can take a look, I believe can be helpful to you. Toilet water Toilet water: Bef Tianjin, Shanghai and other 28 cities, 850 communities, a total of 2849 buildings housing survey, visit 3674 households. Data show that in 2849 the building roof samples have 2