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Strontech always place emphasis on the Customers’ objective and requirement. Cost Saving is always an important factor in the process of Decision Making. Therefore, we believe that delivery of a “RIGHT SOLUTION” is the ultimate saving for them. We do not use a trained “sales” team, we do not have a “sales presentation”. You will be visited by a partner who personally visits every home. He will diagnose your specific issue and only recommend what you need to solve the problem. We are confident in our services and value, therefore we will leave you a written copy of our inspection report along with your project quote with no obligation (free of charge for homeowners). A sound waterproofing system design potentially saves the building owner hundreds of thousands of dollars, from preventing damage to the internal of the property and its contents, inconvenience to the owner for being unable to utilize the affected space (e.g. hotel room, factory production for generation of revenue, or for recreation and leisure (e.g. swimming pool). One simple precaution to protect your home and valuable items is to perform proper waterproofing contractor singapore. We provide professional waterproofing contractor singapore services. Our waterproofing services include wall waterproofing, balcony waterproofing and roof waterproofing contractor singapore. A Waterproofing Tip: People that live in a residence with a damp basement or attic are generally susceptible to wellness issues. This is caused chiefly by the presence of black mold, which develops in a wet basement or attic as time passes. Breathing problems, including asthma, are usually reported by such people. Respiratory difficulties may possibly be accompanied by an onset of allergy symptoms, which appear to be steady throughout the year rather than seasonal. Established Reputation and Track Record- Since our products are all water based and easy to use without any hassle, the Public Sector has been using it since 2002 and has recognized and approved for their housing projects. Since then, our products have become a familiar name associated with customers in the building industry. This is because of the trust developed over the years from our prompt services, products knowledge and the performance of individual products recommended to them which usually meet their expectations. Being the waterproofing contractor singapore and construction specialist in the market, we are committed to provide you the best in professionalism and customer service. Striving to resolving our clients’ issues effectively is what we take pride in. We ensure the quality of our products and excellent workmanships to all our clients. With our team of consultants with vast experiences in construction field and customer service, you can be sure of our professionalism for every projects that we undertake. Inspection & Warranty- We perform inspection at multiple stages, with the homeowner, to confirm all options have been installed and to explain the process and progress. After that, we’ll issue our standard warranty. Why choose waterproofing contractor singapore? 1. Superior Customer Service 2. Individual Service 3. Safety & Trust 4. Custom Solutions 5. Providing best practice services and products 6. Always looking for better ways and new ideas 7. Looking for solutions not the problems 8. FREE OF CHARGE Initial Consultation. Established in 2000, Roof Contractors have undertaken numerous roofing projects and have amassed a vast amount of experiences for the past decade. Our experiences span across installation of Roofs including Metal Roofs, Polycarbonate Roofs, Aluminium Roofs, Clay Tile Roofs, etc. Siding- If you are looking to refresh your home’s look, choosing siding installation services with waterproofing contractor singapore is a great option. Siding is also important because it insulates your home from the wind while keeping rain and water out. We offer a variety of siding products for Northern Virginia, VA homeowners, and we will install them with the highest standards of craftsmanship, courtesy, and professionalism.