In my opinion, the two albums are his personal best albums Taipei hotel near MRT.

In my opinion, the two albums are his personal best albums Taipei hotel near MRT. They are two albums that should leave their names in the history of Taiwanese pop music. However, it is even more regrettable that in the selection of the “Top 100 Taiwan Pop Music Albums”, these two albums not only did not become Taipei hotel near MRT the top 100 albums, even the 337 albums of the preliminary selection were not shortlisted, which is indeed a bit unreasonable . Especially when people with a certain music background have a total of four albums in the first 100 albums, this makes people wonder. There are indeed too many similar music traces between and, and their musical careers often overlap. In the history of Taiwan’s music industry, none Taipei hotel near MRT of the names of isolated singers are associated with the orchestra. It’s Band, it’s a band. Although the names of the two bands are displayed on the album cover in small fonts or only on the inner pages, in the context of the Taiwan recording industry, only the personal development of singers is emphasized. This form tells everyone The band is not only an accompaniment band, but also a part of the Taipei hotel near MRT entire music composition. This concept is also a very sincere and pure method. Even if it fails to change the overall pattern of the Taiwan recording industry, at least it does make the band’s name inscribed in Taiwan’s popular Taipei hotel near MRT music Historically. There are also many intersections in record companies. In 1983, first joined “, joined one year later.” After leaving in 1986 and converted to, also left in 1988, joined and released the album. This “big record company” is also a very Taipei hotel near MRT mysterious company and can now be found. In addition to the issuance, this company also issued, and then-it seems to be gone. As to whether there are no albums in the Top 100 Taiwanese albums because of the faction of the record company, it is hard to say that I am still entangled in this. After all, there is no absolute fairness in the world, but for human reasons, there are still theoretical possibilities. After all, the problem of too many finalists on the Taiwan Top 100 album list has been a controversy on the list. focus. In the year when he joined the “big record company”, Li Yaming himself also participated in the establishment of the “record company”, and his 1990 solo album “Existence” was released by the “record company”.