In the year I took over, the loan balance at the beginning of the year was about 200 million yuan Taipei hotel near MRT.

In the year I took over, the loan balance at the beginning of the year was about 200 million yuan Taipei hotel near MRT. By the time I left, the loan balance had increased to nearly 500 million, while the dollar deposits were only 4 million. 500 million yuan, what concept? That is to say, for our company whose annual sales basically hover between 60 and 70 million, even if all employees do not pay, all office production sites do not require rent or tax, all suppliers provide raw materials for free, all The media publish advertisements free of charge. They do n’t need money by plane or train. They do n’t need money for hotel meals. Our company needs eight years to pay off these loans! The most tragic days belong to the year before, because China’s habit is to repay the account before Taipei hotel near MRT the year, so all agents are in a tight financial situation, and few people make money. More than 20 days ago, at five o’clock every day, I would call to check Taipei hotel near MRT the accounts, check the ticket stubs, and calculate whether the funds could guarantee tomorrow. When necessary, the materials department should be notified to coordinate with the supplier and postpone depositing checks. Originally, after waiting for a few months after delivery, the supplier could get a deferred check that didn’t know when it was opened, but now it requires late cashing. I can Taipei hotel near MRT imagine how I feel. However, the supplier helped me this time, and I will naturally take care of it next time, so it is not a loss, but a symbol Taipei hotel near MRT of a good relationship. Suppliers who are not Taipei hotel near MRT easy to deal with or are not familiar with require banks to stop paying cheques as long as I think it is necessary. Of course, the payment will not be stopped directly. The cashier left a forehead before writing the cheque, that is, there was something wrong with each ticket. These problems seem to be okay. If the ticket is refunded, it can be a reason, not to embarrass the bank. Since we are the largest account of the sub-branch, refunding the check is a telephone call. The most thrilling time is that the three basic accounts add up to only 10,000 checks, and the next day the check needs to be paid as much as 60,000 or 70,000. There are more than a dozen of these checks, and it is impossible to contact each one to stop payment. As a result, it came into operation. When it was time to get off work, an agent in Hebei came with more than 50,000 cash. If the draft was useless, it was really life-saving money. So the teller pulled thousands of dollars from other scattered accounts and deposited them in the bank. If you really have a lot of money. Yu Zheng, a well-known producer, posted on his Weibo that the actress was secretly filmed in her room. The filmmaker also came to the place where she filmed and extorted, making Yu Zheng angry when he heard the incident.