The stars of the entertainment circle are also rich and powerful eternity ring.

The stars of the entertainment circle are also rich and powerful eternity ring. and contribute to their early victory in the fight against the epidemic. The couple Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang were praised for their eternity ring donation of 20 million yuan. Some netizens said: No matter what the couple does, at the critical moment, they believe their goodwill. In the past few years, Zhang Ting has become the queen of Wechat business, so he has searched for it several times. Many netizens joked that her husband, Lin Ruiyang, became a “grandma” by her. Their emotional stories are also very exciting. 01 When Zhang Ting was 19 years old, he once walked on the road, was spotted by an advertising scout, and asked her eternity ring to audition. Everything went well. She took the first food advertisement and entered the entertainment circle. Later, she took photos of Rejoice’s advertisements, and the sweet little dimples and hair were popular among eternity ring the people. The slogan “Ten words, ten words and ten words, became a well-known secret” spread throughout the streets. After working as a teacher in the kindergarten for six months, she made the film debut “Business Trip to the Underworld”, and felt that she was quite suitable for this business, and the eternity ring commercials were about to continue. Her smile is sweet and innocent, her big watery eyes and deep dimples are unforgettable. In 1991, she appeared in the TV series “Teasing Qianlong”, which is familiar to the audience. In 2000, “Shuangjiao Shuangjiao” made her popular in the mainland and won the title of “Taiwan’s No. 1 Dimple Beauty”. In 2002, starred in China’s first cross-play “Love through Time and Space”. In 2006, he co-starred in the TV series “Luminous God Cup” with Guo Jinan. In 2008, he enrolled in the Fine Arts College of Shanghai Normal University. In 2011, the comeback eternity ring filmed the suspense magic palace drama “Tang Palace Beauty World” and won the “Taiwan Most Popular Actress” award for the TV drama Fengyun Festival. Zhang Ting’s image is pure and playful. Whether in tragedy or comedy, he has won the favor of the audience with his superb and skilled acting skills, and has also been unanimously recognized by the industry. 02 And Lin Ruiyang was Qiong Yao’s actor, and he was called “Taiwan’s No. 1 Student”. It is said that once he was on the scene and when he was idle, a 50-year-old lady asked him to sign. This has surprised him deeply. As a result, the wife pointed away and said, “I am 80 years old for me ‘S mother asked you to sign. “Lin Ruiyang’s first wife was Zeng Hongji’s instant film student lover Zeng Zhezhen, who appeared in Lan Xuan in” Wan Jun “and was a great beauty. Zeng Zhezhen was 9 years younger than Lin Ruiyang. When she got married, she had just turned 20 years old. At the beginning of the marriage, the two were still very affectionate.