Let’s talk about a short paragraph about the new male god Xu Guanghan eternity ring.

Let’s talk about a short paragraph about the new male god Xu Guanghan eternity ring. When he was a kid, he appeared in Jay Chou’s MV, an autistic table tennis boy. At this time, the face is still fleshy, and eternity ring the facial features are not fully formed, but Uncle Meat knows that you have recognized it with a smile! The name of the MV is “Class Two in Three Years”. Is it familiar? In Xu Guanghan’s new play “Want to See You”, not only 32 record houses and 32 record shops appeared. Moreover, a lens was also given to pay tribute to “Class Two in Three Years”. It seems that the whole crew not only listened to Wu Bai, but eternity ring also the fan of Jay Chou ~ and this story started by “32” was officially ended yesterday. Without rotten tails, Uncle Meat was really relieved. Although some places have left regrets because they were too rushed, it is more difficult to eternity ring replicate. Douban has a score of 9.2, and the well-deserved Chinese idol drama has been the best in the past five years. I want to see you. In the end, Huang Yuxuan prevented Chen Yunru’s death in the New Year, and destroyed the Wubai tape that passed through the artifact. As a result, all actions to break time and space eternity ring are erased, and everything is back to its original point. This allowed Li Ziwei, Mo Junjie and Chen Yunru to survive. But there is one person who is “exceptional”-Wang Quansheng (Xu Guanghan). He will sleep in that sea forever. The story eternity ring about Wang Quansheng himself was deleted in the main film, you can go to the B station to search for it. Wang Quansheng is an introverted shy boy, but he likes the school character, A Zhe. Wang Quansheng bought breakfast for Azhe every day, watched Azhe play basketball, and handed in towels at the right time. However, after courage and confession, Azhe took the lead to bully Wang Lingsheng and called him “disgusting”. This made Wang Quansheng’s idea of ​​suicide. In the play a sentence of Wang Quansheng’s inner monologue is inserted: I hope that one day, the world will be different, no matter who I like, it is no longer strange. I can see the film’s concern for the LGBTQ community, but it’s a pity that it was taken in such a way that Wang Quansheng became a cannon fodder. There is also Chen Yunru who is also separated from Wang Quansheng on the edge. Last week, because she pretended to be Huang Yuxuan and kissed Li Ziwei, she was abused by many netizens. But Uncle Meat can understand her very well, and think about it. If you were to change to be you, you would have lived like an invisible person. As a result, after Huang Yuxuan ’s soul passed through, everything became better: the family began to care about you, and the students were no longer alienated.https://www.iprimo.hk/en/eternity/rings/