Both short-term and long-term borrowing are unreasonable Taipei hotel near MRT.

Both short-term and long-term borrowing are unreasonable Taipei hotel near MRT. The second is related party transactions. For example, at the end of the month, branch A calculated that the output tax for this month was 80,000 more than the input tax, which means that VAT would have to be paid 80,000. What to do, call, find the purchasing department, what type of product do I want for tickets for company A? Who dare not listen to the financial Taipei hotel near MRT statements, immediately call the supplier. When the supply department asked for a ticket, they immediately requested a ticket from their Taipei hotel near MRT company’s financial department. This is a pre-invoicing, that is, the invoicing is done before you get anything. When the goods are released in the future, you Taipei hotel near MRT will slowly ask for money. But this is so old, sometimes the suppliers can’t issue so many tickets, so they have to pull out a lot of companies from Taipei hotel near MRT their hands to issue a ticket to use for deduction. In order to be listed cleanly, these related transactions must be deleted. As for replenishment, you need to replenish a lot of relevant vouchers, sales and costs. For example, the above-mentioned loan problem, we will soon need to make up the relevant loan agreement and modify the bank statement. Then remember to remember next month, and then find a chance to give it back. Our software is selected from Taipei hotel near MRT Taiwan’s XX software, which is extremely difficult to use. Speaking of difficulty, I didn’t understand whether the software was inconsistent or the problem of our operation. I often hear financial staff complaining about various problems with this software, saying how good domestic software users and golden discs are. I asked strangely, why not choose domestic software? The answer is that UFIDA’s golden discs are not easy to use. They say that they are not easy to use because they do not comply with our law. This software in Taiwan is the only software that can meet our special functions. There are two most useful functions: First, you can copy the set of books, which is to re-copy the entire account of one company to another company’s account, which avoids the pain of re-entry for fake accounts. The second is After checkout, you can also add and delete vouchers and reorder the vouchers. For example, I deleted three vouchers 1, 9, and 13 and added another six. I can compress the database so that the original voucher number two It becomes number one, number ten becomes number eight, and so on, and the additional six cards can also be inserted. In this way, there is no trace of additions and deletions. What about fake accounts? It’s too easy for me to say. The relevant data has already been prepared, as long as it is done, it only needs a little skill in the specific implementation process, and … take a little risk. The income is well done. We have agents all over the country. Each agent sends money through remittance as our sales revenue. Operation level: 1. Make a fake bill, fill in a deposit slip, and stamp the bank receipt stamp. The second is to make corresponding adjustments to bank statements. The third is to issue sales invoices. Of course, we only need stubs and bookkeeping slips. The true invoices will never reach his head unit.