The service promotion activity of “Serious service starts from me” initiatively invites customers to pick up problems lightest wheelchair ramp

The service promotion activity of “Serious service starts from me” initiatively invites customers to pick up problems lightest wheelchair ramp, make suggestions, find problems, and continuously improve; create a good atmosphere of “everyone serves more than everyone serves” throughout the bank lightest wheelchair ramp, and the employees of the bank take actual actions We practice the “adhere to temperature” brand proposition, and use a service with temperature to create a bank with temperature lightest wheelchair ramp. Always practice the service concept of “bank with temperature”. Not long ago lightest wheelchair ramp, a customer came to the counter and wanted to convert the current idle funds into fixed deposits. The wealth management manager did not simply handle the fixed deposit for the client lightest wheelchair ramp, and provided the client with reasonable asset allocation suggestions based on the actual situation lightest wheelchair ramp, and won the client’s recognition with professional knowledge and quality services. It also organizes employees to make unannounced visits to give themselves “picking”, the purpose is to continuously improve service levels and provide customers with a better experience. On October 15th, the bank also organized the outlets under its jurisdiction to carry out “one construction to the end” customer experience evaluation activities, and many ordinary and tender stories emerged throughout the bank. The client, Ms. Zhang, suffered a family accident and lived alone with her children. When she first met her, she was extremely sensitive and inferior and did not want to open her heart to others. Later, after talking and communicating again and again, starting from the most basic insurance product configuration of the family financial pyramid, in order to be responsible to customers, according to her needs, the account manager suggested to review her insurance policy and configure her with a suitable insurance product mix. You take this policy to CITIC Bank and find an account manager named XX … “This small note sandwiched in the policy makes the account manager’s tears burst into tears. For the trust and trust of the customer, understand After the situation, the lobby manager and the teller immediately started the emergency plan. They counted every second, assisted the customer to report the alarm, handled the loss of the bank card, checked the details of the stolen card, and took a screenshot of the specific transaction details and the police report receipt branch. The branch colleagues actively paid with the three parties. The person in charge of the platform coordinated, targeted at special groups such as the elderly and college students, carried out activities such as “financial knowledge entering the community and entering campus”, and publicized common telecommunication network fraud and illegal fund-raising methods and prevention methods to guide consumers to protect them. Personal information, etc. won the honor of “First Class” Bank of Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau. In the future, CITIC Bank Zhengzhou Branch will continue to practice the concept of “keeping the temperature”, create value with services, and use the services to build the CITIC Bank ’s golden signboard.The parents who just sent the baby to the school really broke their heart. Afraid of this is to worry that the child is not getting along well with people at school, being bullied, and so on. A few days ago, a mother told Yuan Zhu that her daughter was very timid on occasions when there were many people. She didn’t dare to speak, and dared to play alone in the corner.