Inventories will not change much in 2020 Taiwan Taipei hotel

Inventories will not change much in 2020 Taiwan Taipei hotel, and they continue to reflect the seasonal changes in inventory Taiwan Taipei hotel, that is, the accumulated base difference is weak in December-March Taiwan Taipei hotel, the seasonal base difference is stronger in March-June Taiwan Taipei hotel, and attention is paid during the period of June to September The demand resilience and the realisation of new capacity in the post-complementation phase of the real estate sector will see whether it is facing a buildup again in June-September Taiwan Taipei hotel. It can plan 860,000 tons / year Taiwan Taipei hotel, and the planned additional capacity of outsourced calcium carbide method is 1.27 million tons / year. (3) Judging from the time of production, three sets of unknown specific times, namely, Shihua Texas, Shenghua Hebei, and Ruiheng Shanxi, are assumed to be evenly distributed between Q1 and Q3 in 2020. In addition, the production time of 400,000 tons of Erong was mentioned earlier in Q1, focusing on the actual implementation. It is 7.1% after weighting according to the time of production, but the above figure shows that the growth rate of PVC production is far from the actual growth rate of PVC production capacity. It is only synchronized in the direction, and the gap is still large. Therefore, pay close attention to the adjustment of the stock load. The national security incident (1) The water accident on March 21, 2019, which triggered the April 17 to mid-May, the State Council Security Committee formed 16 inspection teams to conduct inspections and inspections. The enterprise implements the responsibility for the main body of production safety. The Inner Mongolia Emergency Management Department has started to conduct inspections and unannounced visits to 12 key cities and key hazardous chemical companies in the region, and to conduct unannounced inspections and unannounced visits to the cities no less than twice a month. It is more difficult to repeat the three soaring price hikes expected by the central environmental protection inspectors of 2016-2017 for PVC manufacturers. Therefore, when making an estimate of the PVC production stock in 2019, it did not give an extra marginal estimate of marginal production reductions due to safety production on the basis of a lower operating rate in 2019 compared with the same period last year. Specifically, the average operating load of the calcium carbide method this year has decreased compared to 2018, partly due to the extra heavy volume of spring inspection caused by the Xiangshui accident, and partly due to the year-on-year lower load caused by the intermittent safety inspection expected in 70 Daqing. Of the newly added capacity, the proportion of outsourced calcium carbide production capacity has been increasing, while calcium carbide has limited new production capacity due to environmental protection issues. Among the 2.93 million tons of new production capacity in 2020, 1.27 million tons are outsourced calcium carbide production capacity. The change in the load of calcium carbide did not significantly affect the problem of the calcium carbide process PVC load of purchased calcium carbide. But follow-up also paid close attention to when the operating rate of calcium carbide could actually affect the operating rate of purchased calcium carbide PVC. 2.5 The by-product profit of caustic soda dropped sharply, mainly due to the continuous low load of alumina at the demand side, and the continuously low production profit of alumina affected the alumina load and suppressed the demand for caustic soda. With the gradual decline in the profit of caustic soda,