It is estimated that her husband is also very pampered eternity ring.

It is estimated that her husband is also very pampered eternity ring. She and her boyfriend are in a period of love. In the meantime, I wanted a diamond ring gift, but as a college graduate who just graduated, her boyfriend has limited financial ability, so she gave her long-awaited gold plaque to Xiao Wang, her boyfriend said that this gold. The diamond ring can be more upscale eternity ring. Although this gold plaque has been treasured in her boyfriend’s home for a long time, she has never been authenticated. After carefully scrutinizing the experts, I found that this was not an ordinary gold plaque eternity ring. Then the experts directly made two paragraphs. When the beauty looked shocked, the expert quickly explained to her that this was an ancient hairpin eternity ring. It is a detachable scorpion, which is a common type in ancient times. The ancients usually put the secret letter in such a hollow scorpion. Because we know that in ancient times, if a pair of men and women loved each other, they would send some purses to express their love eternity ring. In modern times, if men and women love each other, they will also give each other diamond rings, bracelets, watches, etc. Something that symbolizes good meaning. According to experts, from the age point of view, it belongs to the late Qing Dynasty handicrafts eternity ring. This scorpion dagger does not have the hanging decoration like a stepping, the two ends are even and thin, and the workmanship is exquisite. It is usually used by the old lady of the mother or the big family to decorate. Makeup. Because at that time in the ancient times, ordinary people generally couldn’t afford the scorpion of such a material, and they wanted to come to their boyfriend’s ancestors as wealthy people. At the same time, I am also grateful to my boyfriend for her deep affectio Since I have given her such valuable things to her, it seems that she has already prepared for her life together, and this golden dragonfly can also be inherited as a heirloom. At the same time, I hope that my boyfriend’s feelings can last for a long time, and I can pass this golden dragonfly to their descendants. This time, I also chose a milk-white suit top with a burgundy skirt. The elegant and sleek and elegant atmosphere is full of charm and charm. I still don’t forget to talk to the owner to help the dog food. It’s a happy couple. Wearing this red cotton dress is full of youthful atmosphere, as for the inside? Maybe a dark dress like her is perfect, who said that the autumn and winter will say goodbye to the skirt? I feel that she is slightly rounded up. It is a bit of fleshy meat, and her face is still with a gentle smile. The delicate facial features are more delicate and dignified under the beautiful makeup. She is wearing white western shorts, full of mature women’s intellectual charm, elegant body is still so awkward.