the poverty line nail central

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Dazhou. Dazhou struggled from the poverty line nail central, basically solved the problem of food and clothing nail central, and then moved toward a comprehensive well-off society. Looking back on this magnificent 70 years, the people’s livelihood is undoubtedly a striking Huazhang. When we walk into the high-end Bashan Grand Theatre nail central, where the butterfly is reborn, and you are in the picturesque city night scene, will you still remember the former Dazhou appearance? In Dazhou in the early 1980s, the main urban area was only 5 square kilometers. The travel of the people was faster and more convenient. The basic realization was from “two feet measurement” to “going out on the train.” At the end of 2018, the total length of highways in Dazhou was 19,567 kilometers, which was 6.37 times that of 1978, including 417 kilometers of expressways. Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the municipal party committee and the municipal government attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, firmly established the concept of socialist ecological civilization, promoted the formation of a new pattern of modernization in the harmonious development of man and nature, and resolutely won the battle against pollution. At the same time nail central, comprehensively subsidize the participation of the poor groups such as the subsistence allowances and special hardships, and include the poverty-stricken households in the establishment of the archives into the scope of medical assistance, focusing on the implementation of major illness relief and hospitalization assistance nail central, and the hospitalized self-financing expenses within the scope of the city’s key rescue targets are reimbursed by various types of insurance nail central. After the rescue ratio reached 70%. The number of people participating in urban and rural basic medical insurance was 1,471,300, the number of people participating in unemployment insurance was 139,300, the number of people participating in work-related injury insurance was 223,700, and the number of people participating in maternity insurance was 135,000. The education industry is booming, the educational facilities are constantly improving, and the quality of education is constantly improving. There are 3 provincial-level technology business incubators, 2 Zhongchuang space, 2 provincial engineering technology research centers, 1 provincial key laboratory and 1 technology innovation alliance, which benefit from the city’s continuous investment in people’s livelihood projects. Taking 2018 as an example, the city’s various people’s livelihood expenditures were 29.6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the total public budget expenditures for seven consecutive years. The urban and rural landscape has changed dramatically. Today, urban infrastructure construction is seriously lagging behind, buildings are densely populated, and Dazhou railways, highways, airports and other infrastructure construction have achieved remarkable results. Dazhou Heshi Airport has opened 10 routes including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Dazhou Airport The relocation and construction of the airport avenue is being fully promoted. Achieved a historic leap from struggling on the poverty line to the food and clothing, and then to the overall well-off. In 2018, the per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents in Dazhou was 20,713 yuan, and the Engel coefficient of urban residents was 39%. Nowadays, the framework of social security system including pension, medical care, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance has been basically formed, and the coverage has been continuously expanded.