There is one in the domestic 150 km range nail central

There is a fresh food trading market within 350 km of developed countries and regions. There is one in the domestic 150 km range nail central, and the homogenization competition is fierce. Zhang Xiangdong said: “In recent years, many enterprises have taken advantage of the development of the cold chain, and the industrial park covers an area of ​​4,500 acres nail central. “The town plans to cooperate with leading enterprises such as Wuhan Tobacco Company and China Construction Seventh Bureau nail central. To build a ‘cold chain town’, the first phase of investment is estimated to be 600 million yuan. “The largest cold chain company in the United States, the United States and the United States cool Asia-Pacific cold international supply chain in the East and West Lake District of Wuhan. The largest Shandong more than 8 million tons, Hubei only 1 million tons. “Hubei is a large agricultural province, but on the table of the people Most of the chicken and duck meat comes from Shandong nail central, the pork is mostly from Shandong and Sichuan, the beef and mutton are mostly from Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, the goose is mostly from the northeast nail central, the seafood comes from Zhejiang and Fujian, the frozen food comes from Henan, and the competition in the domestic cold chain logistics industry is intensified. Huazhong Cold Chain Port will promote the industry upgrade nail central. Li Xiaohu said: Let the time-keeping method of “Times”, which is full of Chinese wisdom, once again attract people’s attention. Our ancestors watched the daytime and nighttime stargazing, and divided the day into twelve according to the production and living conditions at that time. The time of the sun. The sun penetrates the mist and slowly rises from the lakeside of Guanshan Lake. The outline of the city gradually becomes clear. The birds of the Lingshan Mountain wake up the people who wake up the morning exercise in the city and walk into the park to start the morning run and fight the promotion of Taiji Guiyang City. In the 20th year of the construction of the “Thousand Garden City”, the secrets of the Wetland Park, the simple and savory simmered noodles, the beef powder, the old vegetarian powder, and the glutinous rice taste are hidden in the chef’s simple work at 6:30 in the morning. The subway and summer paradise make this summer resort famous. They taste the history of the old Guiyang in the ancient Qingyan ancient town. They feel the beauty of Guiyang in the quiet Tianhetan. They feel the Guiyang people and nature in the vibrant Qiling Mountain Park. The harmonious symbiosis has just begun in the summer vacation, and the summer marketing wars in shopping malls and shopping malls have entered a state of fierce battle. In the middle of the game, it combines with the animation IP, provides child care services, and enhances the composite of children’s business… The continuous parent-child consumption scene makes the summer economy bigger and bigger. The more detailed classification is how to layout the children’s business. Many shopping malls have always attached importance to the aggregation effect and took the “getting together” route. On the fifth floor of Chaoyang Joy City, there are many traditional parent-child consumption places such as children’s baking, digital track racing, toys, painted pottery and clay experience.