Day holiday nail central

Yesterday nail central, my buddy asked me to go out for a drink, in order to spit out to me the fake nose of his wife who used the May Day holiday nail central. “X fucking, don’t want to go home, last year’s chin, now is the nose, I really think she didn’t look good before……… Now the community elevator is a scorpion advertisement……… Chengdu is full of plastic surgery hospitals nail central. Really afraid of taking a long vacation………… The key is cheap, just a credit card is enough for surgery! “I looked at the photos of his mobile phone that have not been swollen, listening to his complaints, do not know how to persuade nail central, only Can play round the field: the nose is high, the luck will be good~~ My friend’s wife, I am a school sister, baby face, double chin, short nose, just very cute when I met nail central, is the typical Sichuan population The type of “winning” can be lost to the time. After the age of 30, the baby face and the double chin become very easy to be blessed. Raise the bridge of the nose during the holiday. My friend is afraid: “If you look in the mirror tomorrow, you will feel that your eyes are too narrow, and your eyes are too small…” “Women love beauty is a common thing.” However, the blind pursuit of “beauty” may bring about self-destruction nail central. To this end, the two dogs remembered a story that ruined themselves in pursuit of perfection. DOLL FACE-Doll’s Face The American Fantasy short animation is very short (only 4 minutes and 12 seconds) and the scene is very simple. There is only one TV. An iron box. There is a long face in the iron box.But lifeless doll robot. It opened its eyes and looked at the TV. The TV turned on, the picture flashed a few times, and finally stopped on a face with makeup. The robot looked at the face on the TV and thought a little. Later, she took a lipstick from her own tool, an eyebrow pencil, and a blush brush. I started to wear makeup on the face above the TV. After finishing her makeup, she showed a satisfied smile and suddenly the TV set moved backwards, and the picture changed in disorder. Finally stopped at a more refined, more real face. The robot is close to the TV. She put her eyes on it as she did on TV. And once again imitated the face on the TV. The finished result is exactly the same as the face. The TV set began to beat the picture out of order and went back. The robot is moving closer to it and moving forward with it. When she reached a certain level, she was stuck by the machine iron box and could no longer move forward. The TV is also getting farther and farther away from her. Unwilling to go back a bit, then rushed forward. The helpless iron box still stuck her. It did it again, and the machine took up the starlight.