Have you ever thought about it eternity ring?

Have you ever thought about it eternity ring? There is really a “superhero” in life. She has experienced danger and pain, and has opened a year-round “superhero” mode to guard us. That person is a mother. Every mom, every day, is breaking the boundaries of her ability for her own children. 01 “Guardian is innocent” Chloe Moretz and his mother Lily-Rose Depp and her mother Vanessa Paradis have many stories like this. Mom gave up her career, freedom, eternity ringand even her own life for her children…. The center of life has created a haven for them – you can express your emotions and love unscrupulously, or you can go home after every injury and then go back on the road. She is like a pair of invisible giant wings, sheltering the wind and rain for us, and teaching us to face the wind and rain,eternity ring her guardian, meticulous.Adventures _ “Because of a project overtime to more than four o’clock, I watched a late night in Beijing, I sent a circle of friends, not a minute, I found that my mom sent me a WeChat: How do you sleep? I was still anxious with her. I said why you haven’t slept yet, and I went to sleep. My mother replied to me: You didn’t sleep eternity ring, my mother couldn’t sleep. Seven years ago, my mother got it. Stomach disease, every day is not in the hospital infusion or rest at home, I am in the third grade, it is raining at noon, I did not bring an umbrella, when the rain was almost gone, I ran home and found that my mother had taken an umbrella and went to the following At the gate, I was able to hurry home when I saw that I came back…. I really cried when I went upstairs eternity ring. My mother was tortured every day and went out to give me an umbrella.” 02 “Quick Healing Power” “Thunder” Chris Hemsworth and mother “small spider” Tom Holland and mother shouted the word “mother”, our heart is hot. Because “mother” is the warmest word in the world, they don’t care how much we make and how high we sit. We only care that we are not warm, not full, happy and unhappy. The world’s great ambitions can be melted by this warmth, and more grievances can be smoothed out, and more uneasiness. As soon as we see her, it will vanish, and she is our sense of security. ” “I haven’t done it after a day of washing, spoiled my mother to help me comb my hair, I sat in her arms, she said to me: I am different from your father eternity ring, I have been studying for you all the time.” Nothing is required, I just hope that you are healthy and healthy, eat more every day, sleep well every day. Just in front of my mother, I feel that I am treated so gently, I feel that I am just a child of seven or eight years old.