was opened in Taipei luxury hotel Guangzhou

On April 11, 2018, the “7th China Hotel Culture Festival” was opened in Taipei luxury hotel Guangzhou. More than 1,500 representatives from the national restaurant catering industry leaders, brand rookies, domestic and international industrial chain institutions, experts and scholars gathered together to discuss new A new cultural impetus for the high-quality development of the hotel industry. The conference included many well-known platforms, enterprises, industry giants, nearly 100 famous chefs, such as Hong Kong Cuihua, Zhen Kungfu Taipei luxury hotel, Shandong Kairui, Rujia Hotel, Guangzhou Restaurant Group, Zhang Liang Mala Tang, design Books, the United States group reviews, the United States and other companies and platforms. Han Yongzhong, deputy secretary general of the China Hotel Association, Jin Yong, design secretary, CEO Wang Yang, the winner of the award-winning Chinese food association, Han Ming, the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Food Association, Jin Yong, the chairman of the Rujia Hotel, Sun Jian Taipei luxury hotel, the famous economist Yao Jingyuan, and the real kungfu senior Ye Shanghua, the vice president, and Wang Yang, the CEO of the design book, exchanged and discussed the innovation of the industry, the innovation of the category, the innovation of the brand and the leading role of the industry in dataization, refinement and take-out.The directional topic of qualitative change in the industry. The China Food Association issued a warning report on the risk of opening a restaurant in China’s catering industry. In 2017, the survival rate of new catering stores in China was only 57.6%, of which 10% were closed in 2 months. The overall closing rate is higher than the opening rate, but in the second half of the year, the overall store opening risk has steadily declined. Catering and entrepreneurship is returning to rationality, and the growth rate in 2018 is expected to be around 10%. In 2018 Taipei luxury hotel, the catering and entrepreneurship areas and category opportunities coexist, and the take-out and take-out is developing rapidly. The Chinese catering industry has opened a store risk index, which is indispensable for digital operations. Design books rely on catering big data, seize opportunities, avoid risks, and follow the concept of “Thousands of People” in service operators, striving to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of refined operations, and more standardized in take-out operations. Systematization, greatly tapping the potential energy of the store and improving the competitiveness of the store! After a large number of industry authorities, the final design book has stood out among many brands and won the “2018 outstanding specialty catering brand”, a powerful influence of the Chinese catering industry! After years of precipitation Taipei luxury hotel, the design book once again stands at the forefront of the industry, shouldering the responsibility of the leader.This honor is hard to come by. In the future, we will keep in mind the mission, let the world have no hard-to-do restaurant, serve the entrepreneurs of a thousand food and beverage outlets Taipei luxury hotel, adhere to the customer first, stick to integrity and persist in innovation.