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The Chilean poet Mistral wrote in her poem “Tenderness”: “For the sleeping baby I hold in my arms nail central, my steps are light. Since I have this mystery, my whole heart has become solemn. “Mother’s love for children is about the same. Every little thing you do is a major event in her life nail central. From the day you were born, you become the most important part of her life. When you were a child, you will occasionally not understand your mother. For your study, you will say good things to people, and why the mother does not even have self-respect, because she has more to protect than her own, that is you. You didn’t know at the time that people really became powerful nail central, not because they guarded their self-respect, but when they let go of their self-respect. So my mother is very strong. When you grow up, you become a guest at home. There are a few times to go home. Mothers will lay out beds for you every time nail central, prepare slippers, do your favorite meals, and buy your favorite fruits. Even if you wake up early the next day and wake you up, but always like to turn around in your room, want to find something for you. There is a line in the Korean drama “Please answer 1988”: “I heard that God can’t be everywhere, so I created a mother.At the age of my mother, my mother is still the patron saint of my mother. The word mother is just a name, but also touches the heart. “We have been so sensible when we can comfort the mother’s age. I am embarrassed to say “thank you mom” and “I love mom”. So, if you want to make your mother happy, say “I need a mother now.” This sentence is enough. If the mother is with me, hold the mother’s hand and give her a hug. If you are on the mother’s side, call the phone and talk carefully. Just let the night sky tonight nail central. Love is more profound. Share an article about the mother of Long Yingtai, and wish the mother of the world a happy holiday. “Rouge” goes to Pingtung every time to see her mother, and when she hasn’t arrived, she will call her first: “You know Who am I? Her pleasant voice came: “I don’t know who you are, but I know that you are the one I like.” “I guess it is right,” I said. “I am your daughter. I am Xiaojing.” “Xiaojing,” she said, with a strong Zhejiang dialect, “Where are you?” “Take her to “Master Deng” to do a foot massage, take her to the beauty salon to wash her hair, take her to the market to buy food nail central, take her to the field to see the heron ostrich, take her to the pharmacy to buy the elderly nutrition.Take her to buy cotton underwear, the wide but the shoulder strap will not slide down, take her to buy shoes to buy the biggest nail clippers.