Taiwan to find relatives Taipei luxury hotel

For 29 years, she has been missing her brother in Taiwan. She has been looking for relatives with distant blood relations… At the end of July, the 71-year-old Pingxiang retired teacher Huang Shulian was physically tough and took her family to Taiwan to find relatives Taipei luxury hotel. Sea memory confidant, Baodao has true feelings. With the help of the unrecognized Taiwan compatriot Huang Wengui , on the evening of July 31, Huang Shulian finally saw the three children of the deceased brother at the Fuhua Hotel in Taipei. 29 years of thoughts and time Taipei luxury hotel, etc. came for 3 hours and hurriedly gathered together. Huang Shulian said that “value” Huang Wengui (second from left) and Huang Shulian’s family took a photo after leaving home. Huang Shulian is a 34-year-old teacher and retired from Pingxiang Normal School. Senior language teacher of the affiliated elementary school Taipei luxury hotel. Huang Shulian’s father, Huang Shanhua, was born in 1905. His mother was Zhang Huilan. Born in 1904, the couple had a total of nine children. The family lived in Shiling Village, Dongyuan Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City. Huang Shulian, born in 1947, was the smallest at home, with six brothers and two sisters. Among the nine children Taipei luxury hotel, only Huang Yuandian, who ranks the third, and Huang Shulian, who is the youngest. Huang Yuankui is the boss at home and was born in 1923. He is the eldest brother of Huang Shulian. He loved to study at an early age Taipei luxury hotel, and his studies were excellent and hard. Left in 1945Right, Huang Yuankui went to Zhejiang Youth Officer School to study. In 1948, when Huang Shulian was 1 year old, Huang Yuankui returned home and never returned. Later, where Huang Yuankui went, it was a life or death, and no one in the family knew it. Until Huang Shulian’s parents died, the old man’s wish to take a look at his son was not completed Taipei luxury hotel.The fellow villagers helped to find relatives and learned that the older brother was deceased. In 1989, the policy gradually opened up, and some Taiwanese veterans of Pingxiang began to return home to visit relatives. I didn’t know that my eldest brother was alive or dead. At this time, I watched everyone returning home to visit relatives and awakened Huang Shulian’s deep thoughts on her older brother. On one occasion, Huang Shulian gave a class to a student and learned that the parents of the student worked in the local office. Huang Shulian immediately introduced the situation of her eldest brother to him, hoping to inquire about the whereabouts of her eldest brother. According to the request of the enthusiastic parents, Huang Shulian wrote a letter of escort on the spot. This letter was published in the official website of Taiwan Daily through the official channel of the Taiwan Affairs Office. Gan Huashi was a Taiwanese compatriot of Pingxiang. He grew up in Xiayu Town, Xiangdong District, Pingxiang City.At this time, Huang Shulian knew that in 1948, when the eldest brother was studying at the Zhejiang Youth Officer School, the school moved to Taiwan. Unfortunately, Big Brother passed away in 1985.