Taiwan Taipei hotel庭院設計創造充滿創新品味的空間

There is daylight and there is a galaxy at night. Taiwan Taipei hotel in the mountains, the wind and the wind are refreshing, brewing a pot of hot tea, laughing at the sunrise and sunset, Yunjuan Yunshu. In the popular coffee shop No. 19 in the mountain house, you can finely grind coffee by hand. A cup of coffee, a piece of cake, a book, and the warm sunshine are enough to indulge in an afternoon. 31 in Hangzhou, located in Taiwan Taipei hotel and 31 Building. The vast park, the green and lush fashion design, the reincarnation of the holiday space, the 61 old buildings of the last century in the park, after decades of spring and autumn rain, the fading of the industrial wave, taking away not only the prosperity of that era, There is also the deepest part of the memory. Located in the Xixi Wetland, it has a strong courtyard style. Each room in Huajiantang has a separate garden or balcony. It opens a huge glass door and is a comfortable outdoor sofa. Taiwan Taipei hotel is in a warm blue and white package, even if it misses the blue sky and white clouds in the clear sky. Will be filled with sunshine in my heart. One of the most beautiful art hotels is located in Yangmeiling, West Lake Scenic Area, above the Manjue Temple, the source of Jiuxi Eighteen Miles, the Lingshang Tea Garden, and the Hualien B&B Village is a rare leisure place. Hualien Homestay is An art hotel offering butler service. It is a short distance from the crowds of the hustle and bustle, and is surrounded by the original scenery of the ancient town. The site is a good one! The B&B has 4 floors and 5 rooms, including the yard, cafe and exhibition hall. Each room is arranged in cooperation with craftsmen and has different artistic themes such as editor-in-chief, tie-dye and pottery. The owner of Hualien Homestay will also carry out different hand-made activities in the yard on a regular basis. It is a more interesting homestay and can experience the authentic old street life and artistic atmosphere of Chongqing. Taiwan Taipei hotel Homestay is a sophisticated homestay with a tatami room. Although the downstairs is a lively night market, the moment you enter the room is like entering another season: you can hear the sound of the flowing water, step on the quaint bluestone, and smell the fragrance of the wood. Four sets of kimonos and some exquisite props allow visitors to take pictures, experience Japanese style and wind, and enjoy the night view from the window on the big tatami! In most cases, the earlier the hotel is, the higher the price performance ratio is. Hold a room for one night with a price that can be cancelled, and then cancel it temporarily if you encounter a cheap one. The hotel is actually not the same as the ticket. The Hualien B&B is actually closer to the price. The price of the Taiwan Taipei hotel can be paid attention to a week before the trip. If you are going to a place outside of downtown Tokyo, you must first plan Taiwan Taipei hotel your transfer website.