nail central 新世代女性的驕傲是美甲

The rumor is very beautiful, in addition to drinking human milk and homemade pearl powder maintenance, it will also take protein tonic powder and face, which is the egg beauty method nail central. Can you really whiten your face with protein or milk? [Milk is not really reliable in the face] As the saying goes, “One white covers a hundred ugliness”, many beauty lovers are happy on the road of whitening, using milk to face is one of the common practices in life nail central. In this regard, the director of the Department of Medical Aesthetics of the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the chief physician said that the milk face can only temporarily supplement the skin’s stratum corneum moisture, resulting in visual whitening of the skin, but in fact there is no whitening effect nail central. It is pointed out that the main component of milk is water, and it is rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamins nail central. However, there is no way to directly absorb the nutrients such as protein, and it does not directly regulate the metabolism of melanin nail central. Contact with the skin may induce allergies nail central. The attending physician of the dermatology department of Taiwan’s Cathay General Hospital also said that the application of protein or milk to the face only has a moisturizing effect, and some ingredients in the protein or milk may irritate the skin, cause allergies, and the skin may be repeatedly inflamed, which may become the skin of the distiller’s grains. . [Want to whiten? “Sunscreen first” “Although the use of skin care products containing arbutin, vitamin A and other ingredients have a certain whitening effect, but the skin absorption efficiency is effective, sensitive skin is also prone to allergies, etc. It is recommended that daily skin care clean moisturizing sunscreen Yes, if you need whitening, or hand it to a professional doctor, she further introduces that the really reliable whitening method is mainly advanced from three aspects. First, the defense is in place. For women who love beauty, how to emphasize sun protection It is not an exaggeration, whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, indoors and outdoors, use everything you can use, such as hats, sun umbrellas, sun protection clothing, sunscreen, etc. to do sunscreen. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. Summer is easy Sweat, and strong UV rays, sunscreen is easy to be washed away by sweat, pay attention to timely apply sunscreen, intermittent wipe, full amount of wipe. Secondly, whitening supply, that is, moisturizing. Water is the source of skin metabolism, but also the first The foundation of three stages of whitening attack. The way of hydrating includes water cleaning, toner, lotion, cream, etc. Strengthened. High-level is whitening offense. Whitening offense refers to the use of blasting melanin or inhibiting the formation of melanin according to the path of melanin formation. The most direct and effective way is laser or photon whitening; Accelerate skin metabolism, prevent melanin from accumulating on the surface of the skin to form pigmentation, and also improve the darkening of skin tone.