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Speaking of cosmetics, especially eye cosmetics, even men who can’t make up can say a few things eyelash extensions hong kong, such as eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash brush and so on eyelash extensions hong kong. After the makeup of the eye, it will become beautiful, and the eyes will look awkward. This is the advantage of eye cosmetics, eyelash extensions hong kong but the eye cosmetics are dazzling, and if used improperly, it can cause eye diseases. The chief physician of ophthalmology at the Second Hospital of Nanjing said that many bad habits in life may cause eye diseases eyelash extensions hong kong. People may be familiar with trachoma and dry eye, but few people know about cosmetic eye diseases. But for people who often make up, you should pay special attention to avoid this kind of eye disease caused by improper operation or use eyelash extensions hong kong. Eye makeup can cause skin irritation, inflammation of the conjunctiva, local and systemic poisoning, and many of the cosmetics used daily are more or less contaminated during production or use. Cosmetics such as eyelash brush, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc., once contaminated dust and dye fall into the eye, it is easy to cause conjunctivitis, conjunctival staining, corneal burns, corneal fungal disease, etc. “Makeup eye disease. False eyelashes for the eyes to see Some women like to apply false eyelashes. However, it is said that long-term use of false eyelashes is harmful. First of all, false eyelashes will be pasted with special glue, which will easily block the sweat glands and sebaceous glands at the root of the eyelashes under long-term use. Mesenteric gland dysfunction. Secondly, false eyelashes are attached, which needs to be torn when removing makeup, and long-term tearing will cause eyelids to relax and easily form wrinkles. In addition, after the false eyelashes are attached, the eyelids are heavier, which makes people unconsciously lick. Eyes, reducing the number of blinks, will lead to dry eyes in the long run. And false eyelashes stick to the eyelids, the glue used for sticking is also easy to adhere to foreign bodies and bacteria, causing eyelids to be stimulated, infected, and inflamed, causing their own eyelashes to fall off. Suggestion: Less use False eyelashes, avoiding excessive irritation to the eyes. Do not wear makeup overnight, apply professional cleaning solution after makeup removal The roots of the hair prevent the lashes from falling off. Apply the eye makeup remover to remove the makeup from the eyes. The makeup remover must be clean. It is not advisable to remove the eye makeup with clean water or facial cleanser. Avoid eye rubbing when unloading the eye makeup. Dai Meimei is really a Secondly, the artifact of the eye is enlarged. Because the beauty contains some pigments, wearing some inferior lenses for a long time is prone to pigmentation, irritating the eyes and causing conjunctivitis. She reminds that the lenses are thicker, larger in diameter, and lower in oxygen permeability. Adsorption on the cornea can make the cornea difficult to “breath”. The cornea will produce a kind of “altitude reaction” similar to human body due to lack of oxygen, and it will cause corneal edema, corneal epithelial shedding, affecting the normal metabolism of the cornea, making the cornea The resistance is reduced and it is easy to cause keratitis eyelash extensions hong kong.