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It should be noted that when using the eye shadow powder to draw the silkworm, be sure to draw the eye shadow powder on the brush before painting, and try not to get it in your eyes eyelash extensions hong kong. If you belong to yourself, there are no players lying on the bottom of the eyes eyelash extensions hong kong. There is a set of methods for lying silkworms. You can use it for reference: double eyelids to make the silkworm method. If you want to have false eyelashes, there are two ways to use them. One is to apply false eyelashes and the other is to fake eyelashes eyelash extensions hong kong. Our common false eyelash styles have a complete false eyelashes and a small cluster of small ones: (left: full false eyelashes, right: a small cluster of small clusters of false eyelashes) if you want to stick a full fake Before the eyelashes, remember that you must trim the false eyelashes. Don’t stick them all together. This is the most important step I think of putting false eyelashes. To say the principle of pruning, you can compare the size of the eyelashes and the eyelashes. You can trim them to the same length as the eyes themselves, or slightly shorter than 2-3mm. Also be careful when trimming, do not cut the false eyelashes obliquely, and trim the false eyelashes at both ends with a pointed head. The scissors and the false eyelashes are trimmed vertically, so that the eyes will not be tied. After you have cut it, you can start to apply false eyelashes eyelash extensions hong kong. Use your eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. Apply mascara to your true eyelashes, which makes it easier to fit with false eyelashes eyelash extensions hong kong. Remove the false eyelashes that have been trimmed. In order to better control the amount of glue, you can squeeze the glue onto the back of the hand and then apply the glue to the false eyelashes. After applying the glue, it usually takes 20-30 seconds to start to apply false eyelashes. When attaching, use a small clip to hold the part of the false eyelash without glue, and gently stick it to the root of the eyelash eyelash extensions hong kong. In order to ensure that it does not fall off, try to fix the false eyelashes for a while. After the final paste, use mascara for the final fixation and you’re done. In principle, a good-looking false eyelash needs to be: the two ends are not degummed, blended with the real eyelashes, and are not exposed. Therefore, after you have posted it yourself, you can check it according to these principles~ (I personally like to stick it to a compact one). This is about the false eyelashes, especially the hot weather, which is often happening. When we pay attention to the glue, we must wait for 20 to 30 seconds before sticking to the eyes. Finally, hold the clips on the eyes for more time. Then change one next time. Ok, today’s big-eyed makeup features are analyzed with everyone. I know that everyone usually paints eye makeup, but if you feel that your eye makeup has not made any breakthrough progress, then you may wish to try the two methods highlighted above. – Monkey monkeys listen to you – What do you think is the focus of big eye makeup? Leave a message to discuss a wave.