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Then smear a little shell on your fingertips and the entire nail will look small and cute. The base color of the other nail can be chosen as a transparent base oil, so that it is simple and beautiful when used with a shell. The overall appearance of the reddish-brown manicure, with the decoration of the shell piece, it is not so dull~ the little fairy who likes the reddish brown can choose this manicure~ the rest can choose one or two nails coated with reddish brown oil, and Choose a similar color, like honey, it is very good, looks gentle nail salon  hong kong and generous. Like this kind of shell piece mix and match, it doesn’t look too good, it is very suitable for the little fairy who doesn’t like too symmetrical~ Shell piece manicure like the little fairy of the dark series~ This manicure really is not too nail salon  hong kong good looking! The choice of pure black on the background color is right. Pick a nail to make a shell piece. If the background color is small, it is recommended to make a pink gradient. Only one nail is left for the shell piece, and the nail that makes the shell piece is still recommended to use a transparent color base oil, so that it will look lower-key with the shell piece. But this year is still the hottest item of the major nail shops. It can be so hot nail salon  hong kong for a long time. The position of the shell piece manicure in the minds of many little fairies is very stable. The shell piece manicure this shell piece manicure, the bottom The color is reddish brown nail polish. Suitable for honey-colored little fairies~ Shellfish manicure This shell-shaped manicure is very suitable for small-brown oil like ginger. Selecting transparent color is not easy to step on the color of lightning. Xiaobian thinks that eggshellnail salon  hong kong  white is also a good choice. ~ Shell piece manicure This manicure is orange color, it is also very gentle color, pink itself is a low-key color, with shell pieces will not appear to be overwhelming ~ do not like the gradient, in fact, you can do solid color, Interested nail salon  hong kong little fairies can save the picture to the store to make a beautiful nails~ In fact, the shell art manicure has been fired last year, one of the nails first used reddish nail salon  hong kong brown to make a gradient, shell piece nail art this shell piece Manicure, the color is more lively. A month usually can earn more than 30,000. It is understood that when the boy went to school, he especially liked Japanese anime. Later, he also pursued some stars in Japan. For this reason, the boy also went to Japan to study abroad. The boy said that he is also a boy who loves art very much. When I was in Japan, many people also regarded myself as a girl. I was very interested in contact with the nail art. I happened to be working part time at the time. In the nail shop, I am a concentrated learning technology. I am very careful about every step, and the guy finds that he is more and more interested in nail art.