taipei luxury hotel 獨家優惠

There are too many tourists to taipei luxury hotel order meals during the Spring Festival. If it is not booked in advance, it will not be possible at all. I can only arrange as much as possible according to the order of the tourists. He is happy to say that with the “most beautiful village” this gold signboard During the Spring Festival, 10 village homes and 18 farmhouses in the village were almost full every day. The total revenue of his family from the beginning of the taipei luxury hotel year to the beginning of the year was nearly 40,000 yuan. At 6 o’clock that night, the natural village of Xiangtian was shrouded in drizzle, but the village road on the south side of the village was still full of large and small vehicles parked. The rows of farmhouses along the street were brightly lit, and the diners were pushing the cups in the box. A burst of laughter and taipei luxury hotel laughter came out of the house from time to time. “I have nearly 14 dishes tonight, including winter bamboo shoots, bacon, chicken, stir-fried squid, distiller’s cake, and shoal fish. Each dish is suitable for our tastes. It’s like I’m going on a business trip all year round. Less able to have the opportunity to eat such authentic farmhouse taste.” That night, Wu Hangxiao from the Qingtianqiu Natural Village in Nantang Village, taipei luxury hotel, specially opened a table in a farmhouse in the village to feast their relatives. Wu Hangxiao said that the farmer’s taste is traced back to a soil stove. Guo Maoxing said with a smile that the chefs of the farmhouse are basically family women in the village. During the Spring Festival, many family women mobilized their families to go into battle as tourists ordered a full meal. You add wood, I cut vegetables, and she has a spoonful of rice. “Now people taipei luxury hotel are used to eating big fish and meat on weekdays, but they are more inclined to eat some plain farmhouse dishes.” Villager Wu Fengxin said that from the beginning of the year to the beginning of the fifth day, her family received 16 tables of diners, like daily “difficult to go The yummy cakes, cakes, mochi, pumpkins and other farmer’s dishes are popular among diners at the Spring Festival dinner table. “This year is my first time to stay in Xiangtian. I will come back next time. I will also introduce Xiangtian Homestay to other relatives and friends.” By phone, I remembered the happy stay in the village. Experience. On the second day of the year, 9 people from friends and family came to Hengdian for self-driving tour during the Spring Festival. Why choose a home in Tiantian? “When I booked a room online, I saw that the taipei luxury hotel homestay in Xiangtian was more distinctive. Many people commented that the room was very clean. The key point was that there was no big increase in the price of Xiangtian, and after the stay, they gave us a bigger The discount, which made me very pleasantly surprised and moved. “We have a large number of pick-ups during the Spring Festival, but we don’t do the business of “knocking the bamboo”, we are doing word of mouth. “He has a total of 12 rooms, basically full of rooms every day, and some rooms have just checked out, and they have received new orders.”