taipei hotel near mrt 最佳的飯店

It is located in Hengshanwu Village, Anji Lingfeng Street, only three or five hundred meters away from thetaipei hotel near mrt Anji Passenger Transport Center. If you want to find out, you need to drive along a village path. However, in a few minutes, suddenly the eyes lit up, just like suddenly seeing a fashionable and handsome girl in thetaipei hotel near mrt crowd, a separate house with a wall appeared. Yes, this is twelve rooms, and an oval door is waiting for me to step in. Twelve rooms, with minimalist design and freedom, are an art-style homestay with a post-industrial theme. Thetaipei hotel near mrt plain exterior red bricks create a strong visual impact with the main black and white interior. The overall decoration of the house adheres to the principle of simple and generous warmth, low-key and rich in taste. On the living room and on the open-air balcony, there are loungers and rocking chairs. Everywhere, they feel “lazy”. People want to unload their bags, lie down and rest, and let go of their thoughts. If the boss told me, who would believe that the twelve rooms in front of him were transformed from a factory. In 1998, Wang Yuzhong, a native of Anji, started his furniture business in order to live a better life. Ten years later, he had a certain savings and went back totaipei hotel near mrt his hometown to start a business. He started a bamboo mat production plant on his homestead, and his annual net income could be four hundred and fifty thousand yuan. Suddenly one day, when he shut down the factory and decided to make a change to be a homestay, everyone was shocked. Originally, the phrase “Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan” makes Lao Wang think a lot. “In fact, the idea of ​​doing a homestay has been very early.” Pharaoh still remembers going to Taiwan with his wife to play in the same year, and stayed at the B&B for the first time next to Alishan. Seeing the local villagers receiving thetaipei hotel near mrt guests from Tiannanhaibei, the couple were very envious and felt that this was the life they had thought of. At that time, the thought of opening a home is rooted in his heart. After returning home, he stopped all the production of his factory and plunged into the world of woven bed and breakfast. After closing the factory, Lao Wang specially invited the professional designers in Shanghai to transform thetaipei hotel near mrt original factory into a homestay, and created 12 different styles of suites, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. “Twelve, just hope that every guest comes here just like going back to their own home, comfortable and comfortable.” Wang Yuzhong said that according to the reason of the Chinese people’s love 12, he named each room at 12 o’clock, simple and elegant. There is a natural playfulness in the silk: cock, food, dusk, suizhong, sundial, po, pingdan, person, sunrise, day, day, night, half, each room is very different, can be Different rooms experience different scenery brought to us by time… If you sleep in each room in turn, I believe that the beauty and different tastes of twelve hours will be fascinating.