Taipei hotel near mrtCP值超高

This time in Taipei, our hotel was booked at the Taipei hotel near mrt, 500 meters from the MRT station. The taipei hotel near mrt is only 2 metro stops away from Songshan Airport. It is not far from the National Palace Museum and Shilin Night Market. The location is very good. The streets of Jiufen are narrow and small. The old streets are lined with unique old buildings, sloping fields and humanities. There are also unique Jiufen coffee shops and homestays. Occasionally, the nose is surrounded by the fragrance of nine dishes. It is the perfect embodiment of the early Taiwanese simple flavor. There is not too much embarrassment on the street, which makes people feel very comfortable. Taipei hotel near mrt warm independent shower room leisure area dry and wet separation wash area separate bathroom Taipei Xiangshan Lituan District boiled sea Taipei night market recommended new Beitou District to Beitou enjoy one night hot spring township mood most people impression Beitou Hot Springs, refers to Geothermal Valley Hot Springs, also known as the hot spring area near Xinbeitou Station. There are many special coffee shops in Jiufen. When you are tired, you can push the door to a coffee shop, and love him or her. Sitting at the window and watching this quiet scenery, this is not the most love. Good appearance. There are no hotels and no hotels in Jiufen, but there are many small houses with unique characteristics. Although they don’t look very eye-catching, the facilities inside the taipei hotel near mrt house are no worse than other six-star hotels. If you want to talk about the traditional culture of tea, you can go to Wang De Chuan Tea House. It has a history of 100 years. Drinking tea here can make you experience the most traditional afternoon tea. The first bubble tea here is delicious and delicious. Like champagne, it is especially interesting. In the elegant tea house, you can listen to the music quietly, taste the tea well, and talk to your companion about the tea. Recording a beautiful memory of the city, Jiucheng, a good place for self-cultivation, this mysterious small city, inspired by the inspiration of the animated master Hayao Miyazaki, has become famous and countless literary youths come to look for the heart. God hidden girl.” If you are planning to go out and relax, it is better to come here and experience, these places will make you feel relaxed, taipei hotel near mrt brings you a strong sense of freshness. Jiufen has many nostalgic landscapes, such as Jishan Street and Kenizaki Street. The former nine were prosperous because of the abundance of gold mines, but when the mines were dug up, they gradually went down. The taipei hotel near mrt later came to Jiufen for a lot of movies, and it gradually became a fire. In Jiufen’s village entrance, all the way up the steps, the two sides are chaotic buildings, it is the classic picture in the movie, this time the little friends must bring the camera to these classic scenes together.