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Yu Guangzhong: Homesickness is just a nostalgic nostalgia, a mood that everyone has. taipei luxury hotel I am in the United States, in Hong Kong, and also in Taiwan’s homesickness. After coming to Kaohsiung, he wrote a homesickness before returning to the mainland in 1992. Later, he wrote a hometown documentary, such as “Shandong Ganlv”. But I can’t just write young, write memories, Zhang Zhongjin: Once, a reporter from the mainland CCTV asked me, taipei luxury hotel I don’t know what Professor Yu’s thoughts on the title of “township poet”? I will answer for you. You wrote more than a thousand poems and wrote more about the native land. I am older and have a close relationship with the hospital. Two people lived in the intensive care unit one after the other, and when they went to the general ward, the child let her mother know. Net Russian President Vladimir Putin has a saying: “The anger without strength is meaningless.” To win the respect of other countries must be based on the absolute superiority of strength, economic, taipei luxury hotel military, science and technology, Good neighborliness is a good policy, but it is not to find, come out, let it out. Taking Japan as an opponent is more conducive to making it clearer than saying ‘a dress with water’. For China, this is also a fit for public opinion we need to take strength and show it to Japan at a certain conflict point, reshaping its fear of Chinese power. Only after this will Japan seriously change the way it deals with China. At that time, Sino-Japanese friendship may be able to start again. taipei luxury hotel I am still writing things. Last year, Taiwan, the mainland, and Hong Kong all published. I still have a lot of unpublished works. It takes time to collect and proofread, and then give me 5 years. By the age of 95, I have to book a five-year work plan. One of the planes flew over the sky, and Hong Kong only had the distance from Taipei. taipei luxury hotel Zhongshan is east to Shoushan, west to Xiziwan, and the entire Shoushan is blocked at sunrise. Zhang Zhongjin: In the Taipei period, he wrote homesickness and wrote local languages. During the Hong Kong period, he turned to exploration of history and culture. Because Hong Kong is close to the mainland, the Chinese language in Hong Kong teaches modern literature. taipei luxury hotel I am very touched by the sincerity of President Li Huan. One day in 1984, President Li Huan invited me to come to the hotel for breakfast. The two talked for a long time. I am very sincere to see him, I am moved. Moreover, I have lived in Taipei for more than 20 years and found that Taipei cannot represent the whole of Taiwan and promised.