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This is the characteristic that the Azong noodle line can only see. The noodle, noodle, coriander, garlic and black vinegar are interwoven. The soup is repeated again and again; “Chengdu Yangtao Ice” is more than 50 years old, and all kinds of carambola ice-cold drinks make people thirst and cool in summer, but also have pineapple, taipei luxury hotel plum and so on! Ximending also has a “beauty garden” Japanese cuisine, “duck flat” Taiwanese snacks, Wannian sweet and spicy and spicy hot pot, Japanese curry rice and donuts, and other chain stores that are not to be missed in Ximending! The one-way fare is between NT$110-140 and the journey takes approximately 60 minutes. taipei luxury hotel The main stations along the route are Guoguang Passenger Express Guoguang Taipei Bridge, Taipei Station Evergreen Bus MRT Nanjing East Road Station, MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station,  information industry and Internet of Things, new materials industry, green petrochemicals, and biomedicine. Health industry, emerging industries and high-end equipment manufacturing, marine biotechnology, taipei luxury hotel photovoltaic industry. After the direct flights of the mainland and Taiwan, Shanghai will fly to Taipei in just 80 minutes. taipei luxury hotel Travel to Taiwan will definitely stay in Taipei for 2 to 3 days. Experience the culture, leisure and food of Taipei. Of course, you should also visit Taipei. City’s landmark 101 shopping mall and Taipei night market. The popular business district developed by Ximending naturally promotes the trend of gourmet snacks. The long history and human development of the local area make the food and snacks famous in Taiwan and even become internationally renowned. It is the place where Taipei tourism wins; “Luowei” is the first representative of Ximending food, taipei luxury hotel such as duck tongue, duck wings, chicken feet, chicken wings, dried beans and so on. It is the signature of Laotianlu. It is the delicious taste of domestic and foreign tourists or big stars coming to Taiwan; “Azong noodles” is always standing at the door. Many people hold a bowl of noodles and sizzle.  There are many specialties in Taipei that attract tourists to enjoy and purchase, such as Yingge Ceramics, Shengda Zhuang Brush, Shilin Famous Knife, Noodle, etc., which are popular souvenirs for tourists. If you want to go shopping, Ximending is the place of choice for shopping. In addition, you can also go to the underground street in Taipei, taipei luxury hotel where you will find clothing, department stores, electronics, food, daily necessities and food malls, as well as a large parking lot. Xinwang is not only the largest business in the old street, but also has a complete ceramic production process exhibition hall and a spacious drawing and kneading area. The operators hold on to the concept of ceramics and life, explain the history of the Yangge ceramics and the art guides to the customers in detail, and the ceramics that are burned away from the modern gas kiln are worth visiting.