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Finding people is the most time-consuming. The squad system often can’t find the party, or after finding it, the party is old, taipei hotel near mrt can’t tell the wonderful story, and even have the mistakes and memory errors, and need to find another person to verify. In order to find suitable parties, they traveled between Shanghai, the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong. There are many hidden links in the delivery of gold. For example, the two batches of gold that were shipped to the Gulangyu Bank of China treasury in two batches were not listed in the gold record of the central bank. taipei hotel near mrt The diary manuscript left by Wu Yuqing provided some answers: Wu Zhaoqing was responsible for handling the relevant draft of the conversion of the Kuomintang treasury gold into military expenses. The gold of the Xiamen Central Bank was transferred to Wu’s personal gold account in the name of advance military expenses. In fact, Chiang Kai-shek’s wartime vault, it is completely secret. taipei hotel near mrt After the first batch of gold was transported by the Starfish, the ship was less than two months old. Chiang Kai-shek retired from the lower field and returned to the hometown of Zhejiang. Vice President Li Zongren represented the presidency. On the day before Chiang Kai-shek’s demise, on January 20, 1949, the “Haiping” and “Mei Peng” ships transported the third batch of gold (a total of 900,000 yuan), taipei hotel near mrt leaving the Huangpu River terminal and heading to Gulangyu, Xiamen. This work was shown in 2010 when it was released in the autumn. Later, with the exposure of a batch of gold-delivered archives from Taiwan’s “National History Museum”, together with Wu Xing’s son Wu Xing’s son, who was responsible for the allocation of military expenses at the time, published the book “Gold Archives: National Golden Transport Station – 1949” After cross comparison, the architecture becomes clearer and clearer. “We will meet many people like this. taipei hotel near mrt We think that the topic is familiar and can be done. We interviewed a lot of people who had not been interviewed before. This is a relatively clear documentary – although not I dare to say that it is absolutely accurate. I don’t think history has any truth, only a history that is relatively close to the real appearance. People will render and selectively describe the history of the experience.” Ding Wenjing said, “Now look back at the previous second-hand news, only a small part Correct, the vast majority are flickering. taipei hotel near mrt We must find the principal.” The squad finally found the second key squad leader of the Air Force Transport Brigade, Zhang Linde, who was responsible for the implementation of the gold airlift mission. He lived in Taipei at the age of 92. He is the President of the Taiwan Air Force Official School and the General Manager of China Airlines. “His position is high, it is difficult to be persuaded, and he was hospitalized for stroke.