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Tan Duan himself opened, the “Detective Book House”, which specializes in reasoning detectives and literary books, is located in Lane 262, Nanjing West Road, Taipei. taipei luxury hotel He laughs and says that documentary and oral history are similar to the reasoning detectives. They must use narrative techniques to stimulate the audience’s desires. Under the various restrictions on scale costs and access, business opportunities cannot be expanded. The Association hopes to play a new platform for cross-strait civil economic and trade cooperation, and integrate information on economy, commodities and enterprises, taipei luxury hotel so that cross-strait businesses can be seamlessly integrated to create a win-win situation. Since ancient times, the merchants have been regarded as one of the three major business groups in China, and it is the only business group that has continued to this day. taipei luxury hotel The China Merchants Economic Promotion Association was formerly chairman and secretary-general of the former Shanghai Foundation, Qiu Jinyi, as the honorary president. He said at the inaugural meeting that the promotion will focus on the economic development plan of Haixi, if it can promote Taiwanese and Haixi smoothly. The economy will be in line and the chances of success will be very large. Special statement: The content of the above article only represents the author’s own opinion, and does not represent Sina’s point of view or position. Ke Wenzhe mentioned twice in his speech that the “Twin City Forum” should be a “model” for cross-strait exchanges, fully demonstrating Ke Wenzhe’s willingness to grasp the slang of cross-strait discourse.  Whether Ke Wenzhe is heading for the 2020 “big position” is still unknowtaipei luxury hotel n, but it has undoubtedly accumulated more abundant political energy for himself. Ke Wenzhe said: Confrontation is not a good way to solve problems. Cooperation will be more in line with the well-being of the people on both sides of the strait. taipei luxury hotel Only open and happy to strengthen exchanges and appreciate the progress of others. Through self-development, we can promote win-win and even win-win, as long as there is goodwill in both sides. With empathy and understanding of the needs of the people, we must coexist and share prosperity. The two sides should replace dialogue with dialogue. Ke Wenzhe also added that the people on both sides of the strait are of the same species and share a common historical and cultural culture. “Good cross-strait relations are in line with the well-being of the people on both sides of the strait and are also conducive to Taiwan’s economic development.” As long as there are more goodwill exchanges, many problems can be solved or avoided. so the squad is really a circle inside. taipei luxury hotel The washing machine is small enough to be pots and pans. Everything needs to be dealt with after the drama. It can now be placed in the wife and wait for the next crew to continue using. This is Ke Wenzhe’s “apology” for the “cross-strait family” since the beginning of May this year. After more than half a year, he once again publicly mentioned “a cross-strait family” on official occasions. On the morning of the 20th, the “2018 Shanghai Taipei City Forum” was held at the Jinghua Hotel in Taipei. The forum was based on the theme of “Permanent City, Sustainable Development”. The two sides signed three cooperation agreements. So far, the “Twin City Forum” has been The signing of 33 cooperation agreements has become a model for cross-strait urban exchanges.