tact switch數據手冊下載

Is one take the software robot technology development as the core technical company, in view of above pain spot, researched and developed the flexible gripping jaw product, the domestic and foreign well-known big plants assigned tact switch which used, provided the flexible capture solution, solved the different shape, the vulnerable goods capture question.Outside recommendation intention study area appropriate school and specialty, also can unify in each kind of university each kind of specialty hundred million graduates to pass 5 year occupation development situation to carry on volunteers to recommend tact switch.This section product at present enters the school by the wisdom campus build.Unfolds the American first edition vehicle type with before Beijing vehicle which exposes to be different, at present the domestic test is Chinese specification edition, also is this year October is going in the domestic import going on the market edition.The most remarkable difference, tact switch is before American version vehicle type approaches a turn eyebrow in the front bumper the position, all has the orange illuminator disposition, ZEN VISION: M uses a full touch operation similar to ZEN MICRO, which can only accept the operation of human skin, so it does not cause misoperation in the pocket. The intuitive vertical touch control panel makes it easy to slide up and down through the menus, which is convenient, concise, and user-friendly. It also emits a blue backlight during operation, which is very dazzling. this is acts according to the US traffic regulations the compulsion disposition, but Chinese specification version vehicle type, then does not have this disposition.As the Lincoln brand disposition custom, the vehicle door continues the design which leaves leeway the password to lock, but changed the new touching type control, touches controls the pressed key switch layout in tact switch, the hideaway and the artistry all compared to the old generation of design large promotion.And the middle part also similarly may lighten.An entire reserve box lid aperture foot inch extremely big, the electromotive type tail gate disposition also is the bold vehicle standard layout.In addition together seven inch liquid crystal box bulge this vehicles huge maneuverability. Gets up the prefix goal plate to send with other vehicle sign goal plate complete divergence, four modelling plans, tact switch sturdily lets the human with the cerebral cortex package feel the metal feeling to be violent.Organizes in turn controls the switch for the liquid crystal box.Left side the handle also has the vehicles cruising threshold effect and rain wash opening and the choice pattern.At the back of other sign goal plate changes the files to dial the piece to be possible to realize the vehicles files position fluctuation establishment effect.First tact switch like this the nonessential driver is using the hand to recuperate changes the files handle.Has also established an arm rest front end the vehicles copilot station, vehicles the time which perhaps drives hastily in the undulation give the copilot the staff member by a tranquil cushion or the invariable assembly.This plan characteristic very good showing dispatched a vehicle convenient also to set off the vehicles strength flexibility. OPPO’s V5H is a flash-based MP4 product, but with a good body workmanship, unique control methods and outstanding picture performance have been loved by many consumers. In terms of price, this product still maintains the characteristics of high cost performance. At present, the market price of 2GB capacity is only 799 yuan, and the price is very outstanding. The V5H machine adopts a nail-free design. The front cover is a two-color injection-molded white panel. The texture is pure white and has a embossed effect. The rounded curve transitions around it, which makes it more round and pleasing, and has good The grip. The body size is 87×54×11mm, which is about the same size as the bank card, and it is very convenient to carry. The metal back shell is treated with the metal wood grain drawing process, which not only pays more attention to the appearance, but also prevents the metal from being left.