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The footbath is filled with water from the city, which is likely to be full of bacteria, and they are difficult to clean. Although most salons clean those basins, they can still find many bacteria that can cause blisters or rashes. However, in many cases it is difficult to investigate the salon, because those rashes usually take more than four months to develop. Many salons use infrared sterilization boxes, or other phlegm methods to sterilize tools, which is both reasonable and legal. But this is not enough to kill all the bacteria. nail salon hong kong First, ask the salon boss how they disinfected, and then look at the color change of the bag that holds the tool. The color of the bag is changed once the tool has been sterilized. Tools that have been sterilized with an autoclave should be sealed and should be opened in front of you. nail salon hong kong The wound can be small or large. Cuts, scratches, barbs, insect bites, bruises, or injuries in the salon. Manicurists can use the tools of sputum, nail clippers, trowels, exfoliating knives, electric drills, etc., to injure the skin – sometimes it can be bleeding or sometimes. But just because you can’t see the blood doesn’t mean there are no susceptible wounds. nail salon hong kong If your nails have been tried and you feel a certain amount of heat in a moment, then the surface of your skin is likely to be wounded. Similarly, some salons will dilute the nail polish that has been agglomerated for a long time or the oil that has been exposed to air for too long. Doing so will affect the quality of the nail polish and will likely erode your nails. In order to ensure the life of your nail color and to avoid bacterial infection as much as possible, it is best to bring your own nail polish. Some salons will try to keep some extra fees secret, that is, they will not tell you the cost of nail protection oil, etc., in order to charge you more, until you check out. A professionally qualified salon will write all the fees on the billboard. Therefore, in order not to be planted in the “heart-to-heart” salon, it is recommended to ask the price before making nails. Some bacteria are easy to kill, but some are not so easy. nail salon hong kong But unfortunately the concept of “disinfection” is vague in many industries. Many people think that their tools are disinfected, but in fact they have no concept at all. Because not all disinfection methods can effectively kill a variety of bacteria. Therefore, if the person in the salon did not fully understand their physical condition before giving the customer a nail, the staff would not know how to disinfect afterwards. nail salon hong kong This is the job of the doctors, not the work of the manicures-this is no longer a matter of their habits, and they have not taken any medical diplomas or taken such classes. You should not shave your legs before pedicure. Because those who help you shave your legs don’t care if there is hair on your legs. Moreover, after scraping the leg hair, you are more susceptible to infection because there are pores on it. nail salon hong kong Therefore, it is recommended not to shave your legs in the salon. Many salons will tell you to remove the cockroaches, because this is usually an extra service for an extra charge. But going to  is usually not necessary. If you are an athlete, you should not go to jealousy, because these embarrassments can improve your expressiveness. If you are not an athlete, then you should use soap and a shaver to lick, but only if you are too thick to make you feel uncomfortable. If you really want to go, then it is best to choose a shaving or a phlegm method. Never let your nails cut or cut your skin. And the more you cut, the thicker the long scorpion will be.