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Known as the little fat man, the curling and lifting wax formula can be quickly and quickly dried, so that the eyelash curling angle is perfectly shaped, and the 75 degree curl is instantly formed; it can also be curled up under high temperature and high humidity. eyelash extensions hong kong Another washable mascara that follows the trend of warm water remover. This legendary peerless mascara, based on the principle of hair extension, is naturally extended one by one, allowing the lashes to be infinitely extended, waterproof, It is the gospel of those who are afraid of blooming, and the eyelashes are easy to sag. eyelash extensions hong kong If you accidentally apply mascara to the painted eye shadow while brushing your eyelashes, carefully wipe it off with a cotton swab. This will not destroy your eye makeup! Bend your mascara brush head and brush bar into a vertical position. This shape makes it easier to control when you brush your eyelashes, and it’s easier to brush your upper and lower eyelashes and eyelashes. The enchanting and magical combination can extend the eyelashes by up to 300%, while creating a beautiful eyelash. Its elongation effect is like hairlash hair growth. eyelash extensions hong kong The principle is that the positively charged microfilament fiber is attached to the negatively charged eyelashes, and then fixed by the polymer with the extension property to ensure the long-lasting effect. The water-in-oil emulsion formula not only makes the eyelashes evenly contoured, but also has a perfect waterproof effect. Chanel’s three-dimensional long-lasting waterproof mascara uses a patented elastic rubber mascara brush technology with a special waterproof formula to instantly reveal stunning makeup effects. The water-in-oil emulsion formula not only makes the eyelashes evenly contoured, but also has a perfect waterproof effect. Dip a sufficient amount of mascara on the brush until you can’t see the white part of the brush. Ample mascara helps to achieve the perfect lash effect. Hard core, draw more paste; evenly arranged, soft bristles, evenly wrapped paste, brushed out explosive thick, and at the same time clear roots. The makeup is smooth, smooth and easy to apply quickly, like a rocket. It is not blooming all day, eyelash extensions hong kong and the warm water is unloaded. Mascara will always be agglomerated on the brush head after a long time. You can use the brush head to draw on the paper towel, which can remove the agglomerated mascara on the brush head. When brushing mascara, the first layer is brushed with a common mascara, and the second layer is brushed with waterproof mascara. The waterproof formula can make your eyelash makeup last longer and not easy to make up. There is no mascara on the bottom of your mascara tube, but there is no way to use it. If it is not more than three months, try putting your mascara in a cup of hot water. This will soften the mascara inside the tube and let the bottom Mascara can also be fully used! eyelash extensions hong kong When applying the eyelashes, place the spoon on the lower eyelid. The surface of the spoon is facing outwards, so that the mascara will never touch the skin when the eyelashes are brushed. Mascara is the magic weapon for creating exquisite eye makeup. It is definitely a meticulous “weapon” to enhance your personal charm! Close to the summer, the sun-like weather, it is inevitable that the delicate eye makeup can not escape the situation … Don’t worry, as long as you choose a good mascara, you can turn the clouds into a rainbow. Revolutionary collagen, eyelash extensions hong kong natural plant fiber, can make eyelashes strong and healthy, roots are clear and long, waterproof. When used together, you can create a pair of glamorous eyes like a false eyelash in a beauty salon. Warm water remover, anti-smudge. Compared to the old version of gold, it changed the shortcomings of the past that made the eyelashes fall too heavy. The shape is a bit cumbersome, and the compact cosmetic bag can’t fit. This product is not considered well.